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If you know anyone looking for a good scholarship opportunity send em over here:

Currently: 3 Prizes with a Grand Prize of $1500

Good Luck Students

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Know anyone looking for a scholarship?

This site is giving away 3 scholarships with a Grand Prize of $1500 and the requirements look very doable.

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Anyone on here gamble online?

What is your favorite online casino?

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Writing Opportunity: Any of my friends or peoples knowledgeable online gamblers?

Online Casino Reviews at Online Casino Bluebook #onlinecasino #onlinecasinos #onlinegambling

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Great suggestions on how to choose the right template!

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I created a free Pokémon Go Tariner Card Template for each team for anyone that likes to get creative : ] Enjoi! #PokémonTrainer #ManimalLecter

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I created a free template to make a Pokémon Go Trainer Card for each team over here:

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Free Trainer Card Template

What will your trainer card look like?

+Pokémon GO +Pokemon Fan Club +Pokemon News

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To all my Marketing peers that may also game...Found this Mozcon 2016 Pokemon Go Map of Pokéstops and PokéGyms near the Washington State Convention Center. +Kristi Hines or +Bill Sebald You guys going to Mozcon this year?
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