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G.M. Norton
On a quest to lead a gentlemanly existence.
On a quest to lead a gentlemanly existence.

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Bow ties are cool
which G.M. Norton takes a bow. I
do love a bow tie and over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself wearing them
more and more. It all started when my five year old daughter asked me to wear
one as it made me look “handsome and smart”. I now find that both...

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Four shades of grey
In which G.M. Norton declares that grey doesn't need to be dull. Over the last few days, I’ve found myself wearing a great
deal of grey. But far from being dull or bland, I’ve found it to be the perfect
canvas on which to get some of my more lavish paints o...

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Commander of keeping warm
In which G.M. Norton plays toy soldier There’s something indescribably comforting about pulling on a warm jumper on a cold day. At the moment, my personal style is evolving towards two looks - university professor and gentlemanly explorer. For the universit...

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Double silk
which G.M. Norton coins the term ‘double silk’. ‘Double
silk’ is a phrase that I now claim ownership of (oh go on, you can use it too).
Like most things I come up with, this was dreamt up on the spot when I was
wearing a silk cravat and pocket square. As...

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All decked out
In which G.M. Norton is smitten with his new jacket. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I recently managed to snaffle a reproduction N1 deck jacket from Messrs E & Bay. Given that I'm so attached to it, I thought I would show it off. There's an iconic pi...

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Indiana Jones and the Four Film Challenge
In which G.M. Norton embarks on a four night adventure. This
week I had an overwhelming urge to watch Indiana Jones, so I did just that. Rather
than just watch one film, I decided to go full pelt, all or nothing, and watch the
entire film canon. So on Monda...

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What happened this week
In which G.M. Norton reflects on the last seven days. One of my absolute favourite blogs to read is Retro Chick . I
absolutely adore the writing style of Gemma, who is the lovely lady behind it –
it’s warm, thought provoking, interesting and very funny inde...

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Shackleton and tales of derring-do
In which G.M. Norton marvels at Ernest's exploits. This week marked the 90th anniversary of the death of antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. Since the leaves started falling from the trees last year to signal the beginning of autumn, I found myself d...

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Christmas goodies
In which G.M. Norton shares his Christmas swag. I do hope you had a super Christmas, chumrades.  It's been absolutely glorious to be away from the dreariness of office life for a few days.  Santa, or rather my beloved, has been very kind this year and besto...

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Christmas with Bogart, Bette and two blonde bombshells
In which G.M. Norton gets in the spirit of Christmas. Well, chumrades, we're almost there. After a month-long build-up where we literally count down the days (well, count up ), Christmas Day is but a few hours away.  Of course, Christmas is about celebratin...
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