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Things are bad things are grave please help me i need to be saved
fighting for each dime tempted to a life of crime
not there yet but i sure need a break
NOT sure how much more i can take.
its all a struggle each and every day more then i can mention
im so broke i can barely pay attention!!
I am trying i am scraping and clawing to get out of this black hole
this burns deep down to my frozen soul
i need a warm light to bring me out of this lonely dark place
To save me ,yes save me from this horrible horrible space
Will u be that warm light that gets warmer each day so i can thrust myself back into the world i once liked, or will it be dark and full of spikes.

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Luck o' the Irish! st party's day is on the way a brief. chance for us to play. make it count

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#122 Pictures + Quotes = Pictotes
I'm not afraid of heights, deep water, or love. I'm afraid of falling, drowning, and a broken heart. -Unknown

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anyone. know. how to delete emails in bulk. I would appreciate it
Today is dark , raw and not beautiful like a spring flower
The reason u ask we still have no power
No tv, radio , or warmth and certainly no illumination
And by God it has swept the
Metropolitan nation
Life is scary uncertain and full
Of despair. Oh well at least I have a clean pair of underwear

Each day i try to put out thoughts relevant to daily life
Whether its trouble whether its strife
The best or worst day of my life
Hopefully ,in between not bad not great or in between
New things i havent seen
Old things i revisit
Or items ive yet to visit
One theme is the same
People large or small
Going through life who are about to fall or fail
Succeed or maintain
Be happy or insane
The one constant is people are trying to get someplace
We all want to excel and succeed
Treating people with respect along the way
Is part of the deed
So dont hurt people on your journey
Cause if you do you may need an attorney

can anyone find out how to get tv episodes of Spenser for hire aired or get whole of series 1985-1988 thx let me know

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the 49ers stink can't handle the pressure .rookie and don't win superpowers unless they r RG3 or Andrew. luck
An Applebee's server was fired this week after she posted a photo of a receipt from a customer who refused to tip, presumably because of religious reasons. The photo shows a receipt for a $34.93 bill, with an 18% gratuity ($6.29) added underneath, which the customer had scribbled over with the phrase "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?"

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Do you think the server deserved to be fired?

not smart arrogant not a man of the clothe I would talk to

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Shannon I sent my poem to Google plus

Stress is......
Wondering where your next meal is coming from
Hoping your car starts in the morning
Hoping your heart starts in the morning
Trying to please everyone
Not getting fired
Having enough money for your bills man im so tired
Keeping your children safe
Getting along with your family
Not getting along with your family
Surviving the hustle bustle of the day
Making sure you put the toilet lid down cause if u dont you will hear it or feel it
Just surviving people who are ignorant
And finally, just getting along
with your family or neighbors
I have always loved my wife
Even when she is hard to b around
She doesnt feel that way cause im the problem
Maybe i was the problem but i have solved it
No one was is perfect far from it
But some people just give up
Cause they r lazy and dont accept the fact that they have issues too
Whoever has the bigger problem at the time loses
People get involved then its over
Thats me im sorry to a point
But im a fantastic person who has been thrown out with last weeks garbage.
I deserve better
Ive suffered enough
I love you through all this stuff
I just want u to try either that or punch me in the eye
At least u r thinking about me
So i think cause if u r not
You know what You STINK
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