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Paul Mendlowitz
"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity" - Horace Mann
"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity" - Horace Mann

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Awareness of sex crimes has risen in ultra-Orthodox communities in recent years, but new affair shows community is still sticking by its traditional methods of dealing with offenders.
 Exile, Therapy and Only Sometimes the Police: How ultra-Orthodox Jews Handle Sex Offenders   Israel Police arrest 22 ultra-Orthodox Jews for sex crimes against minors and women The arrest Monday of 22 ultra-Orthodox suspects on sexual offenses allegedly co...

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Community members did not report the information to authorities or social workers and tried to cover up the sexual crimes that were being committed. Members of the community preferred to employ "law of the jungle" methods to deal with the crimes. The incidents were documented by members of the community and police acquired this evidence.
22 arrested in haredi neighborhoods Arrests and searches in Betar Illit, Bnei Brak, and Jerusalem for community sex crime cover up. The
Israeli Police announced an undercover investigation into sexual crimes
committed in haredi communities and in neighbor...

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I am talking about appreciating that, by and large, we are living the dream, and need to guard against constantly looking for boogey men, simply because they used to be more present, and defining ourselves by who hates us, rather than by what we love, even though it is often so much easier to do it that way.
This Is An Opportunity For Jews To Move Past Victimhood   by Brad Hirschfield Talk about a bomb shell, even if that is not necessarily the nicest
metaphor to employ in a story about terror threats.  The vast majority
of threats made against Jewish Communi...

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I also believe that Rabbi Rosen doesn’t go nearly far enough in advocating for institutional-level change in buying practices. If the membership of a Jewish institution finds factory farming to be cruel and immoral then their concerns can be turned into action by applying those concerns to an institutional food policy that takes these serious matters into account.
In his recent blog post the honorable Rabbi David Rosen, a man I greatly admire, asks a
provocative question, “Is any meat today kosher? ” While never fully
addressing the question posed in the article’s title he answers by
advocating for Jews to eat mor...

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"Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, the founding dean of New York's Mesifta Torah VoDaath, became a vegetarian after the Holocaust/Shoah, simply yet powerfully declaring, "There has been enough killing in the world." 

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On Religious Extremism
It is ironic that with
Jewish observance and spiritual values at unprecedentedly high levels in
Israeli society, the established religious leadership has sunk to its
lowest nadir. There are
many wise, creative and worldly Israeli rabbis but in most case...

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Elizabeth attempted to advance her biased viewpoint not by offering false data or overt lies, but by the deliberate omission of any information — genetic history, the time and location of the event, the relationship between twinning and SIDs, and the massive body of research addressing the subject — contrary to her preferred anti-vaccination narrative.
Elizabeth did an impressive job of reporting a misleadingly minimum
amount of factual information about a tragic event in an effort to
support claims of a link between vaccinations and SIDS — claims that
have been repeatedly rejected (and rejected and re...

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“The cover-up was like something that all religious communities around the world would do, so I was disappointed but not shocked...
Private lessons: Dassi Erlich’s story of sexual abuse - Erlich herself would not understand what it all meant
until years later, when memories haunted her and then almost killed her. Damages: Dassi Erlich received one of Australia’s largest sex abuse payou...
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