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Classic of the month: The Fountain
This pearl was released in 2004 but was a box-office flop. We know how cruel the cinema market can be towards masterpieces such as The Fountain but this is why we created a space here, at Red Curtain Cinema, to recommend films that deserve to seen again.   ...

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Hacksaw Ridge (4/5, Good)
Mel Gibson's new film is a surprisingly good film filmed with great sensitivity to shed light into the humanity of a man amidst the brutality of war. Mel Gibson's comeback as a film director was at first received with a cautious welcome from Red Curtain Cin...

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T2 Trainspotting (5/5, Very Good)
The junkies from the 1990s are back but in a much more fast-paced digital world where the insignificance of life is stronger and the lust for life predominates with nostalgia. "Choose life, choose a career, choose a family...". Those were the first words of...

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Denial (3/5, Regular)
A strong, thought-provoking story based on real events that grasps controversial debates about the Holocaust with a politically-correct approach. This film is based on the trial between British Holocaust denier John Irving and American Historian Deborah Lip...

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A Monster calls (4/5, Good)
A coming-of-age film with a Del Toro’s “Labyrinth’s
Pan” inspiration whose structure is quite alike a fairy-tale. However not all
tales are easy to go through. We all remember
the short stories they use to read when we were younger. Not all of them are

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In a world of crazyness, words of wisdom by Charlie Chaplin
Coming out of the cult film ''The Great Dictator'', this speech at the end of the film is stunning. It makes you think about how our issues have not changed, and remain in its core the same.                                        Interesting note: this a ''...

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We are back...
      Turn off the lights. Pay attention. Look at the screen. Welcome back.

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On a break
Hi Cinema lovers! We've received your kind messages , asking for when will be write new film reviews. Unfortunately we will take a short break from this. We will undertake some reforms within the Red Curtain Cinema to make it sweeter and will be back before...

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In honor to the X-Files Revival
X-Files has been, for sure, one of the best TV series ever made. It had a mixture of science-fiction, horror, thriller and action. No one ever achieved to be such quality before the explosion of series by ending 2000s. It is worth remembering that it is the...

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Something to think about: women in films
We'll give you the link to a fantastic article about women in film. Why women, especially the latest action films, have to be strong? Why men are strong by "default" and women aren't, so that we have to be amazed when we see one? These questions are brought...
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