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Jostein Berger Olsen
Structural engineer and Revit addict in Sweco Norge AS.
Structural engineer and Revit addict in Sweco Norge AS.

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Ammo: Excavations with Revit and Dynamo
First of all: Dynamo 1.3 is out! Information found here: So to the subject of the day: Revit and topographical volumes is no good, right? Well, I can tend to agree on that point.. Sure Revit does calculate net fill/cut etc etc, sure you have possibilities i...

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Ammo: Shortest Path on Topography
I got inspired by three guys this week on Twitter. First up was Dieter Vermeulen which tweeted this: Then Zach Kron followed up with this: And l...

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Ammo: Centre of Gravity
A challenge arose some days ago as to define a script that could calculate the Centre of Gravity in a Revit model, and of course Dynamo was made for solving these kinds of challenges. Based on the "Algorithm" found here , we applied it to three dimensions i...

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Ammo: Sliding Windows - Python tip of the day
Just a quick Python tip of the day. I regularly find my self in the position of needing to slice lists with "sliding windows" Like if I have the list {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} I would like to return {{1,2},{2,3},{3,4}..etc} Just found this great way of doing it in ...

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MeshToolkit: Terrain analysis in Dynamo
Just a quick showoff of the new mesh coloring possibilities in MeshToolkit v1.2. Mind you that there is two different meshtypes in Dynamo and the MeshToolkit doesn't provide a converter between them unfortunately.. But the Springs packages does however! :)

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The Player: Dynamo for the masses
Revit 2017.1 is out and the best summary you'll find over at the Revit cat: The biggest news would be the inclusion of the Dynamo player. This is a brand new tool located right next to the D...

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Ammo: "Hidden Commands" in Design Script
I'm naturally curious and you kinda have to be to figure your way into the mysterious language of DesignScript. Not so long ago a forum post by Dimitar Venkov sparked my interest as to where to find these commands that are no where to be found. So I asked h...

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Star Wars API and Dynamo
It turns out that having a second kid kinda ruin the amount of time one can spend on writing blogs, so here's a short summer-nerd-fest-post from me! :) Step by step: 1. Luke Johnson posted this:  2...

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Ammo: Point Analysis with Revit and Dynamo
First of all, congratulations to the Dynamo team on the 1.0.0 release. Long awaited, but the work is still in progress according to Zach Kron: The Dev team has also made some changes to the node names. Old definit...

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Dynamo and Optimo: Optimizing your Carl Bass Keynote Experience
For a long time now, I've have felt an urge to explore the capabilities of the Optimo package in Dynamo. However it has seemed like such a montainous task that I've constantly postponed my interest. Easter break however, provided a window for dwelving into ...
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