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Tashi Namgay
No parents...I haven't learnt values properly
No parents...I haven't learnt values properly

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I need a job.....please

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hope he feel you soon...i pray

my childhood 1
      was so small and hero was my want,             every Saturday joyed to watch TV, (2002) was bad in academic and all. in whatever comes last, there was feeling inside always, when seen those receiving prizes, knocks hard at the ribs, my heart, that if ...

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when loneliness surrounds me; when i face with the troubles, when sad i become in heart, hell! it's only my friend who helps. had a friend and still is, can't share all to parents can't tell it loud in the street, but just to a friend i can openly. cry in f...

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when watching people coming from Sherubtse, 10 years ago was very hurting my ego. then was i child wishing to be one of them. success have sacrifices was i in believe. burnt the midnight candle and studied, lessening my pocket money on those candles, really...

to my Friends KC and Choda
friends we were,we are, will be, committed we remain to the end. drank together when had money, seller doubt us we are student, convinced we made him. that we are in job and was touring. handed the drinks on our table. imbalance we became after. complain re...

Asked by few that was i right? said in turn i never hide. that yes my friend lived, actually was they in name. they lived life of wrong doings, stated by the law was their work, that it was purely against the law. they grew up without their parents. income ...

My nearby girls are so modern Actually no one claims this and me too They are but in their own thoughts. They dress up like we do, Eat like what we eat, And yeah everything is all the same; But why they are of the thought, That above they live from us. Body...

my say
When small, wished a doctor to be Could help people live, unlike my dad. Grew old and journalist became the aim Now only five steps to make, make real. History was in my blood, to know past; See what was true and what was wrong, Decide ourselves by the expe...

She was beautiful in looks, kind in heart What can god make better than her. Troubled by her love was me Maybe i too for her. we came together at the dawn many came for our love to pawn god is so great to remove them for us gave the life real meaning to che...
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