I have a question about bronchitis. I had it over Thanksgiving (end of Nov. for those of you not in the US). I stopped running for about 8-10 days. I am a new-ish runner, just started in May 2012 and was up to 4 miles when I got sick. Since returning to running I have really struggled. My breathing isn't great, I have to stop and walk a fair amount, and 2 miles is about all I can do. I've looked online but I can't find anything about how long it can take after bronchitis is over, to regain your fitness level. I'm wondering if this is normal. I feel like I am back to square one. It is extremely frustrating. Any thoughts appreciated. It seems worse when I am outside in the cold (20-35 degrees F here) but even on the treadmill, my breathing is not great. I am running slow, like 12-13 minute miles. And no, I have not coughed in weeks.
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