I have a question about bronchitis. I had it over Thanksgiving (end of Nov. for those of you not in the US). I stopped running for about 8-10 days. I am a new-ish runner, just started in May 2012 and was up to 4 miles when I got sick. Since returning to running I have really struggled. My breathing isn't great, I have to stop and walk a fair amount, and 2 miles is about all I can do. I've looked online but I can't find anything about how long it can take after bronchitis is over, to regain your fitness level. I'm wondering if this is normal. I feel like I am back to square one. It is extremely frustrating. Any thoughts appreciated. It seems worse when I am outside in the cold (20-35 degrees F here) but even on the treadmill, my breathing is not great. I am running slow, like 12-13 minute miles. And no, I have not coughed in weeks.
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Wouldn't worry to much. Bronchitis would have wrecked your lungs and they are still probably repairing themselves. Just plan on walking every 3 minutes during a run. Give yourself time. It will get better. 
Every body is different, but for me it typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to recover from bronchitis, and in some cases can take as long as six (yes, six!) weeks to get back to normal.
thank you both, that is encouraging. giving me "permission" to walk every three minutes for a while makes me feel so much better.
This will sound kind of silly, but this is the best I can answer for you. Run until you feel like you can walk, then walk until you feel like you can run.
Yep, Steven is right. Just listen to your body.
I agree with Steven. Just rest until u feel better. If u need a number I'd say 2 or 3 minutes.
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