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I think I am going to start training as a pro wrestler with the ultimate goal of becoming a WWE Diva. What do you guys think?
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I would say its very good But the training will be hard and I need to learn all of the moves.
If it's going to boost your career, go for it! Training and fitness will come.
Ohhhhh yehhhh( RIP) macho ur nuts 
You can do whatever you want. I look forward to seeing you next Wrestlemania. :)
I am going to tell you the truth,hope you can handle the are way too classy and beautiful for that and you could get seriously hurt..
Another option would be to try out for the LFL.
Lmfao Im not gonna do steroids I dont need them
A determined mind with a goal in sight is like an arrow fired from Robin Hood's bow. Destined for its target. In other words....GO FOR IT!
No please not, u r so nice...
I think it would take away from your earning time for modeling. You could clearly kick butt, and I can see you as a cross of Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly, but I think modeling is your thing. 
Well, I know it would be a real turn on to see you mud wrestle but the pro thing, I don't know.....
O.K. do it, might be pretty interesting, at first I did not think it was a good idea but heck, bring it on, I would root for you, yea Jessie...
Being a Ex- national & Pro tae-kwun-do player, i suggest u, not 2 choose WWE.
Because it can cost your beauty (in terms of surgery), as well cause some severe injury, that may be u've to bear with for life time...
you should start training as freestyle or roman style wrestler,u will definitely enjoy career.
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