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The Ice Storm
On January 4, 2005, the worst ice
storm in decades hit Wichita. Over three quarters of an inch of ice coated the
area, downing power lines and plunging more than 60,000 homes and businesses
into darkness. The icy outdoors created a surreal fantasy world, wi...
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Putting Away the Decorations
holiday season is over. The tree is down, the lights are off, and the
decorations are packed. But what do we do with the Christ child? Do we wrap him
in bubble wrap and place him in storage until next December? If we do, then
we’ve missed the ...
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The Banquet
You enter a banquet hall; before you is a long, beautifully carved wooden table set with fine china, crystal goblets, polished silverware, and linen napkins. You may eat whatever you desire. Perhaps your first choice is a juicy steak, cooked to perfection. ...
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In the Palm of Your Hand
than a breeze rustling the cottonwood trees Sweeter
than a first kiss Your
almighty hands cradle my soul.   The
very hands that created the stars, the moon, and the fiery sun That
formed every animal—the fierce tiger, the massive whale, the purring...
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Whispering Wings
In the beginning, you hovered over the waters, wings beating
like a mother bird watching her young. Wings strong, silent, stirring the
waters, whispering to all of creation, bestowing life. You who hovered in the
beginning, you who made the heavens and the ...
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A Hungry Soul
The little soul lived for many years in the same woods. The
sun shone on her leafy branches and she produced much fruit. After many years the
trees around this soul grew and their branches met above her head. Those
branches provided comfortable shade. She w...
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Hear the Crying
Imagine if you
will, Christmas day in history, more than 2000 years ago in the small town of
Bethlehem.  Jesus is born.  Do you feel the crisp early morning air?  Do you smell the animals and the hay?  Listen. 
Do you hear the newborn crying? 
Can you see M...
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Is There Room at the Inn?
several weeks now I’ve been busily preparing for the holidays. The house is
decked out in its Christmas finery: the tree is lit, garlands cover the
stairway and windows, and angels and nativities adorn the tabletops.   Holiday meals are cooked, ready to...
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Tending the Garden: a Parable (reprise)
There once was a woman who married, had children, worked hard to
provide a pleasant home for her family and raise her children in a loving
manner.    She worked in her
church and did her best to serve her God in the ways she could.    After her children mat...
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