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The data driven world
We all talk about data now a days. Big data, large data, humongous amount of data. Data is encompassing all of us in myriad ways. Also it's not just about data being created but data being shared among multiple parties who see an interest in it. Couple of w...

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Let me drive long roads
Let me drive long roads Reach to horizon and beyond Touch the sky, where it meets eyes Climb the mountains and deep dive Let me drive long roads The smell of melting tar  Touch the road like a czar Cement road making the melody Grasslands building the symph...

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Once one of my friend told me about USA that it's a country run by lawyers. India has still not reached to that state but slowly moving towards it. There is an effort to regulate everything in society. Regulations either enforced by law or in the name of cu...

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Being in USA for a week trip, I could feel the intensity of emotions with Trump elected as President. See Fox news and you can believe that everything is going to be great, the American dream is going to be realized. America will be a self asserting country...

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UP - The meaningless fight of election symbol
Symbolism is important in society. It provides a convenient way to propagate ideas and concepts to the masses.  The national or religious symbols in itself don't carry any meaning but they still carry a lot of meanings with them. It's an instrument to conve...

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UP - The coup is on
Finally Akhilesh has called it a day. Though the final nail is driven by Mulayam by expelling Akhilesh and Ramgopal from SP for six years, it was the only move left with Mulayam. He is the final actor but Akhilesh made sure to take it to the climax. For his...

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Akhilesh Yadav - The son becoming father
A lot is at stake in UP politics. It's the battleground for BSP and Congress revival. It will be a signature for Modi and BJP's future. However the biggest drama is unfolding in the clan of Yadav's and Samajwadi Party. Few months back, the tussle for power ...

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Beautiful Code
Is coding an art or a science? This question is pretty similar to the question when you see a beautiful bridge or a building. Is it art or science? Think about this. Build a technically superior bridge but not tastefully done. It will not draw the same kind...

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Passing Spring properties file in command line
Normally we bake the file in Spring which is not a good idea for all the properties. It's better to externalize them so that the environment variables like database connection details can be passed to the Spring application from outsi...
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