Instructions for Email and Text Message and Google+ Notifications

Changing Google+ Settings and notifications:

UPDATE: It's not confirmed yet, but Google+ may have discontinued text message notifications. If you do not see the option to enter a phone number, there are 2 alternative methods to get text message notifications:

1)  You will need to know your phone carrier's text message address. 
For example:  AT&T is

Email To SMS Email Address List

If your phone number is 555-123-4567 and AT&T is your carrier,  text messages can be sent from any email account to your phone by using    Go into Google+ Settings, and instead of entering an email address to receive notifications, use your text message address as shown above in the example.

2) If you want to receive both email and text message notifications, then enter an email address in Google+ Settings under Notifications. Then go into your email system and set up a text message forwarder.  Most popular email providers have a setting where you can create a text message forwarder, and email forwarder and email filter.  This will enable you to automatically  forward any notification emails from Google+ and then your email system will send the first 160 characters as a text message to your phone.  By creating an email filter, you can specify that only emails containing the word "ALERT"  or "Bilo Selhi" get forwarded as a text message.
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