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Tina Hunter
Writer. Mother. Geek. Lover of Science Fiction & Fantasy.
Writer. Mother. Geek. Lover of Science Fiction & Fantasy.


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Some great contests going on this week at Mommy Connections.

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Remember that cryptic countdown I was posting about. Well this is why. Let introduce my publishing imprint Tyche Books, publishing science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. :)

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Deeply saddened by the news of Jack Layton's passing; his infectious optimism made it seem impossible that something as petty as cancer could ever stand in the way of his drive to make things better for all Canadians. Heartfelt condolences to his partner Olivia Chow and their family.

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Some things to keep in mind as we all figure out how g+ works.
Two important G+ privacy tips:

1) If you want a post to stay within the bounds of the circle you've posted it to, be sure to disable resharing. The tricky bit is: you do this immediately after you've sent the post. Click the gray arrow-inside-circle icon in the top right corner of the post for the disable resharing option.

2) If someone +mentions a person in the comments of your post, that person can now see the post and all comments--even if she is not a member of the circle you sent it to, and even if you disabled resharing. Even if you delete the comment, the door's open and the +mentioned person can now see the post! The example I've seen is imagine you're planning a surprise party for someone in a small circle you've created for the purpose, and someone +mentions the birthday girl in the comments. Now she can see the whole thread!

Just wanted to make sure you could all plan my surprise party without any trouble. :)
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