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Luxembourg Capital - Contrast between modernity and history
way to end this short getaway is to visit Luxembourg and its capital which is a
very developed industrial and commercial city being one of the richest cities
in Europe. It is an important administrative and financial center. There are
several institutio...
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Trier - The birthplace of Karl Marx
We continue trip to
Trier, historical city and the oldest one of Germany. It is
located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg. It has a very rich
architecture and ancient Roman ruins like Porta Nigra. This portal of the city
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Cochem - A charming town in the Mosel river
Following to the small
and seductive town of Cochem. As we round a hill we discover the charming
imperial castle that reveals all its magic and splendor! Cochem is lively and
colorful and its houses, with the wooden structure visible from the outside,
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Burg Eltz - Timeless Castle
is difficult to choose what to visit because the attractions are many and
Germany is known for its famous castles. The most famous is Neuschwanstein
which served as inspiration for the castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland
Paris. However, one of the mo...
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Koblenz - Were Mosel and Rhine rivers meet
The Mosel flows
through the northeast of France and Luxembourg to the west of Germany. It has
an extension of 560 km and ends at the Rhine river in the German city of
Koblenz. The meeting of the two rivers and the beautiful surrounding area is
known by Deut...
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Mosel Valley and Luxembourg - The wine-growing valleys of Germany
  A not so touristic
getaway is to drive to the Mosel and Rhine river valleys. The romantic and the
bucolic cohabit and the beautiful castles towering over cliffs on these rivers,
where we see deep escarpments where the vineyards that produce the best and
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Sardinia, Italy - The Emerald Coast
Ending the trip
with a golden key with Olbia in Sardinia. There cohabit as two worlds, the old and
the modern Sardinia. Crossing the countryside through the village of San
Pantaleo may be seen an interesting and wide range of rocks carved by the winds
that ...
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Stromboli , Italy - The always active volcano
Following trip to circum navigate the
famous Stromboli volcano that is in constant   eruption. In the distance you can see some
white houses , mainly holiday houses for courageous people who live with the
mighty volcano. The lava drops down the mountain and...
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Lipari, Aeolian Islands, Italy - The hidden island in the Mediterranean
In the archipelago of the Aeolian
Islands we can find Lipari, the largest of the Islands famous for its mythology
and natural heritage. Its picturesque streets lead us to the
castle, built by the Spaniards on an ancient necropolis. Inside the castle
walls l...
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Palermo, Sicily - Art and architecture in a elegant city
Situated in the middle of the Gulf, we find
Palermo. It was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It
was ruled by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Normans that
left their mark on their famous landmarks. Palermo...
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