Excuse me while I ramble slightly.

One of the conceits of mmorpg gaming is that we are all the hero of the story. If you played City of Heroes, you likely saved the world more than once. There was even a badge literally titled "Saved the World".

Congratulations, you're a hero. So too was my robot toy gone wrong, mutant dog, a handful of aliens, several mutants, a few mages and so on. My various personas all can't have been with you, neither can the entire level 35+ population of each server.

Still we accept that issue in roleplaying because some things just need to be glossed over.

I wish I could lay that complaint at ArenaNets door with Guild Wars 2. This is partially about the Living Story and also about the direction of the company.

Don't get me wrong, I got several barrel loads of loot through the Crown Pavillion update and the Clockwork Chaos update. I am that much closer to having a legendary thanks to the immense amount of money I got and then spent. I have several named exotics sitting in my bank begging to be used, sold or deconstructed. On a pure gameplay level, it was a good update for me.

On a narrative level... it was something of a disaster. At the moment you have two options in Guild Wars 2. You can follow the personal story, which despite being named "personal" story is really more a story about the evolution (or for non Sylvari players, sudden arrival) of Tree Jesus. Trehearne. BAM, suddenly he's there. 

He helps create the Pact. He leads the Pact. His forces are what retake Claw Island. He brings the fight to and ultimately cleanses Orr. Sure shortly after that, I get to (or will when I bloody do the dungeon) kill a dragon.... but from what I know I get tons of npc help. Okay that really does underscore how much of an effort killing an Elder Dragon is, but hell Destinys Edge almost manged it and there were only five of them (six if you count Garm, seven if you count that pansy Logan).

Sure my character is inserted, but between the various aliases used to refer to me and the thrust of the story, I'm not the hero. I'm not even one of the many heroes in the CoH example, I'm a supporting character. I don't even get an Oscar nomination for what I put in.

On the other hand, we have Scarlet Briar. You can either call her TreeSatan for some nice symmetry or you can be honest and call her Tree Harley Quinn channeling the Joker. (This is made doubly amusing/damning by the voice actress and the character model.)

Why is this a problem? Because there wasn't any foreshadowing. Just an after the fact short story published when we were well into the Clockwork Chaos that boiled down to the following.

Once there was a Sylvari. She was smart. So she went to school, ignored Tree God, ate from the (small t in this case) tree of knowledge in a vision and woke up demented and evil. Oh she's also completely responsible for all of that Molten Alliance and Aetherblade stuff.....somehow. Magic probably.

No real warming up, no lead in. Maybe a grand total of two or three NPC comments before the updates about "her". Either on my path to fight a Dragon I have to deal with Tree Jesus or I can follow the now supposedly impactful and "permanent" changes wrought by Tree Satan in the Living Story. Someone who manages to pull all that crap off...somehow. 

This wouldn't be too bad, I've played games with poor stories before and well I can deal. I am going after a Legendary after all (Kudzu if you're interested) so I clearly enjoy the gameplay of the game and the community and whatnot. What bothers me is all that sudden "THIS, because.... Tree Satan" on top of the various comments out of PAX, I wonder if ArenaNet actually has any flexibility.

Obviously they have a plan, you can't squirt out content every two weeks from four teams without some sort of plan. What bothers me is I think they are locked into this particular plan and cannot stray from it even though at times it's a bit crappy. It won't take account of the whims and desires of the fan base (extra if you're Charr because we're a minority) and gives the impression of an entire studio with blinkers on charging towards some end game only they can see because they either cannot or will not even hint at it for us. We're to take it on fate that it'll all work out and be good at the same time.

Maybe I'm asking too much, maybe I'm being too harsh. I look forward to +Dusty Monk in particular counter pointing this because he's a grand chap and has his passions. 

Yes Guild Wars 2 is a good game, but only if you completely ignore the story and try not to want anything not set down in the holy tome that is guiding ArenaNets releases. Because they really really can't be putting this content out without a lot of lead time and work already invested.
So we have to shut up and take it, because they can't move.

As a closing note, they also get me being irritated at them for changing the Monthly. I was 75% done you numpties, it's not my fault you left Champions and Group events on while the invasions were in full swing. Quietly changing it when you patch was just your way of trying to pretend people didn't finish it in two days because you didn't think it through at the start.
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