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I'm so close to win a trip to Peru! Please help and vote! Thank you everyone!

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Copenhagen - Happiest place in the world
The coolest and most cosmopolitan city in Scandinavia. Danish capital overflows with culture , art , history and cafes. Copenhagen is dominated by bike lanes and that's where 30% of Danish population lives.  Famous writer Hans Christian Andersen lived and d...

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Paris The City of Love
The most popular tourist destination in the world. It is known as the city of art, love and food . Paris. Let's have a look at some photos taken by me at night.

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Celebrating Sindoor Khela, India
Durga Puja is a largest annual Hindu festival of Bengal that celebrates the worship of the Hindu Godness Durga. Today after 10 days of celebration, the festival draws to an end. Dashomi is the tenth day in the lunar fortnight of the Hinfu calendar.  Married...

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London Fashion Week 2014
London Fashion Weekend took place this year in Somerset House from 18th to 21st September.  I had a chance to shoot for the very first time few catwalks, which was a super exciting experience. I absolutely loved it and enjoyed!  Below you have a preview of ...

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Malmo, here we come!
Malmo . In 1658 officially got a status as a Swedish town. Nowadays with over 300 000 people is Sweden's third largest city . It's hard to believe but there is 175 different nationalities who live in Malmo. Total of 470 km of cycle path. One of the landmark...

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Go fun yourself - Hike like Korean!
South Koreans are weekend warriors. The sport of choice? Hiking . South Korea is covered in mountains and people here are huge nature lover. That's the simplest answer why Korean people love to hike. It has become more like a national identity. Korea has lo...

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Lost Soul in Seoul
Loose your soul in Seoul... and where could you do it at its best if not on Seoul markets . There's not better place to get the real taste of Korean life. Marketplaces are the best place to soak up the genuine spirit of Seoul. We normally avoid big shopping...

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Seoul Grand Park
Opened in 1984, Korea's first zoo, covers 7,000,000 sq km , 360 kinds of animals and total of 3,200 creatures from all over the world. Does it sound exciting enough? We are not the biggest fans of zoo, but we had read loads of good reviews about the Grand P...
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