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Origins by Charles Darwin
I grew up in the belief that creation was opposed to evolution: man was either created by God OR he evolved from monkeys.  'Belief' according to Bucky, is when you let someone else do the thinking for you - lazy me! Charles Darwin first published his book i...

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When Asking Questions is Dangerous
I came across this article in  and I wanted to share my 2 sen worth here. Wan Sulaiman Wan Ismail (photo from In my experience, people ask questions for one of two reasons - (1) they don't know something and ar...

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Without Allah who will help? – Orang Asli Christians
The above title is the title of a post that appeared in the blog "uppercaise" ( click here to read ) which was adapted from the Malaysian Insider.   In that posting, Bong Alang, the village headman is quoted as saying, "Without 'Allah' who is going to help ...

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Origin of Species
It was interesting to hear that the Malay translation of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin is banned in Malaysia. (Read about it here .) Image from Wikipedia Even more interesting is the reason for the ban - "endangers public harmony" and "... it goes...

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“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
― Ernest Hemingway

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End to the "Allah" issue?
"All right to use Allah" , says the Sun quoting Selangor Executive Councillor for Islamic Affairs, Sallehin Mukhyi. (Read the report here .) According to the report, Non-Muslims can use "Allah" provided it is not 'misused' such as to propagate other religio...

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Quick migration from one dot to the regular, circle like, polyhedron!
Animated Photo

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Malaysia Airlines MH370 again
From Malaysia Airlines MH370 - Tribute on Facebook I love a good story, and the speculations and conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of Flight MH370 provides for some awesome reading.  Don't get me wrong, my thoughts and prayers are still with...

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Malaysia Airlines MH370
At this moment, my thoughts and prayers are with those on board the missing flight MH370 and all their family and friends.  I am still hoping for a miracle to happen. Sand sculpture at Puri Beach, India from the Facebook page "Malaysia Airlines MH370- Tribu...
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