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A work in progress.
A work in progress.


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December 24th
It's that day, the day little children dream of, yearn for, even ache for.  It's Christmas Eve!  I used to be all a-quiver on the 24th, from the instant I opened my eyes to the last conscious moment before giving myself over to sleep.  The sheer anticipatio...

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500th Post!
I just happened to glance at the right place on the Blogger dashboard this afternoon and saw that I had already posted 499 times.  That's a lot, it seems to me, and the 500th, while not of much note to anyone but myself, needed to be mentioned. Christmas is...

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Christmas Pears
When I was small, my parents and I always traveled to my maternal grandmother's house to spend Christmas with Nana and my Aunt Anne, Uncle Ed and my four cousins, who lived in the same small town as Nana.  Going to Nana's for Christmas was always the highli...

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Giving Thanks
close up of my Johnson Bros. turkey platter To all my family and friends in these United States, I wish you a most happy and delicious Thanksgiving 2014. I am, truly, thankful for each of you.  Family and Friends....such simple words, so fraught with emotio...

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Candied Kumquats Anyone?
While I was shopping this afternoon for turkey parts to make stock ahead of cooking my turkey this upcoming weekend, I ran into the first of the fresh kumquats.  I love candied kumquats.  They are a surprising addition to pound cake and the syrup can beused...

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Visual Journal Pages In Progress
This spread was done in class and was created with a series of prompts that John gave us.  I have been taking a mixed media class from my friend  John Arbuckle .  I've been working on multiple spreads in a couple of different visual journals, and having so ...

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Having Fun with Visual Journaling and Collsge
Cats have staff....  I took a one night, really fun class at the Schack with my friend Susan the other  night.  The class was called Playful Acrylics and Collage and was taught by Jean McLam.  This was not an evening of serious art creation but rather one o...

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Mary Oliver's New Collection
"Painted" in the Waterlogue App from a personal photo taken in Port Townsend, Washington I have just read and greatly enjoyed Mary Oliver's new collection of poems, Blue Horses .   I love several of the poems in the book, but my favorite is quoted below.   ...

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Columbus Day
It started out as one fine autumn day here today, Columbus Day 2014.  There was blue sky, and balmy temperatures, a stiff breeze and lots of color from changing leaves.  It was beautiful.  The weather deteriorated over the course of the day and by evening i...

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An Art Filled End of the Week
Susan Penning My friend, Susan, and I are taking a six week mixed media class from another of my friends, John Arbuckle.   We had our first class last night.  It was great ! It's a really fun class and all the participants seem to be enthusiastic and talent...
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