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Angie Thibault
Scooterist, Derby geek, leather queer, drag king, comedian
Scooterist, Derby geek, leather queer, drag king, comedian

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Facebook is down. LOL.

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I had a chance to try the Falcon plates this weekend. I just got a set of Magnesium Avengers so playing with these was to answer my question of how the 16 degrees are different from the 45s. My wife really likes the falcons compared to her 45s. She feels more stable and is still in the process of finding the sweet spot with the truck adjustment, but overall is very happy with the wider wheelbase and tighter angle. I did not like the 16s and found myself fighting to move the plate as I am so used to how responsive my 45s are. I like things loose with just enough bounce in the trucks to push off, so the 16s were just too tight for me. The Falcons are super light and maybe with softer bushings and really tuned out trucks I might begin to like it, but it was weird after being on 45 for so long. I did not like the longer wheelbase either so I would probably get shorter plates than recommended. I really wanted to love the Falcon plates but I'm still really happy I got the Avengers.

I'm curious about how leagues decide rosters. It's a very political decision. Who do you put in the hot seat?

Drag injuries means I only made alternate for the next bout. I need to heal first then I have some catching up to do. :)

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This looks adorable

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Lovely piece by Kris Carr on finding your purpose. Hint: your purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Very Buddhist :)

Thanks for the find +Sarah Buday!

Hello there! Mod Quad of the Rainier Rollergirls in WA, south Seattle area.

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Last night someone broke in to cars belonging to our teammates, one of our refs, and some of our fans. They even stole the birthday cards we all signed for our December team birthdays, along with their presents. :( Please donate what you can to our broke and broken fund and help us make it all better.
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