On the 25th of April 1915, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand formed part of an alliance that landed in Gallipoli. These men became known as the ANZACs (Australia New Zealand Army Corp), a name they take pride in, to this day.

Anzac Day commemorates ALL members of the armed forces that served and those that paid the ultimate price across all conflicts from Gallipoli to Afghanistan.

The Slouch Hat is traditionally made from rabbit or wool felt and always worn with a puggaree. The turned-up side was to ensure it would not be caught up during drill movements. The side that is turned up is dependent on the state, to allow for different drill movements. Today the hat is worn with the brim down to provide protection from the sun. However, during ceremonial events such as Anzac Day, the slouch is worn in accordance with the brim up and chin strap to the right side of the face.

This is an image we all recognise and associate with Anzac Day and as such, became the inspiration for this commemorative artwork.

On the afternoon of the 24th April 2018, Xfac agents from Melbourne put all rivalry aside to collaborate and unite.

Involvement ranged from key farming to clearing, to when the magic began and we all started to see the artwork appear.

It was a massive task and agents worked tirelessly through the night, 17.5hrs on the ground in total.

Challenges were thrown from every direction, but we took them head on and refused to give up. Motivated by the strength and courage that is the Anzac Spirit.

Agents involved in no particular order were:

To everyone involved, we truly couldn’t have done it without every single one of you.

To the agents of Melbourne, thank-you for letting us use your city as a canvas, and your cooperation and patience to hold off playing in the area while we completed the field art.
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