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Sophia Brandt
RPGs (pen & paper), Python, Clojure, Javascript, Linux, Raspberry Pi, lifehacks, beginner Stoic, human behavior, probably a geek
RPGs (pen & paper), Python, Clojure, Javascript, Linux, Raspberry Pi, lifehacks, beginner Stoic, human behavior, probably a geek


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#soloroleplaying #soloengines with #dnd5e
The GM Emulator is quite generic, so you might be able to use it with other games, too.
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Dark Sun conversion for old-school rulesets. #OSR
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Philosophy. Free course about Socrates.
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Recruiting new D&D players the unusal way.

h/t +Jay Exonauts
I need to be this guy more.

I have so many Traveller:TNE ideas floating in my head.
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I've begun learning Python.

In 2016 I began my journey with Javascript but got disillusioned when I didn't get anywhere.
I dabbled in Clojure. I still like it but it was way too complicated for me as a beginner.
At some point I just lost interest in programming.

For the moment, it's fun again.
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I got some of these as a patreon supporter. They are cute. Recommended.
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The Etsy link for the mini-zines. Dont forget to select if you want the character sheets version or not.

To get the whole set of 120 characters get 8 zines with sheets or 4 zines without the sheets.
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#rpgtax #readingreview

Session Zero Issue 6 - The Eternal is a 36-pages zine for Dungeon World. USD $2.99.
[^1] (affiliate links)

> The Eternal - which uses a deck of playing cards to randomize setup - is a mystery adventure akin to the old “Against the Cult of the Reptile God” module. You come to a village, see some strange
stuff, discover why strange stuff is happening, and deal with it.

In true DW fashion, the adventure offers prompts to come up with a shared background and hooks.

I like the idea of using cards to create the adventure. The cards influence the Big Bad, The Eternal, some other players, and the village. That makes the adventure re-usable - in theory. In practice, the idea behind the adventure is the same. So you'll know the secret behind the strange happenings of the Dwarven village. And that will limit its appeal to play it again.

The author did a fabulous job of using the Countdown Die mechanism from ICRPG [^2] with tailored GM Moves to drive the action and provide clues to the mystery.

Locations and background information offer enough material for several sessions. Obviously, the author put some work into coming up with custom moves, items and stats for The Eternal, and adventure locations.

You can also link it with other adventures from the Session Zero line. (See [^3].)

Layout and typesetting do a good job of not getting in the way. I glimpsed some decent black and white images. Overall, look and feel strike me as functional but nothing to write home.
No digital bookmarks but that's not necessary with 36 pages.

I'm itching to convert The Eternal to an old-school leaning RPG like The Black Hack. [^4]

I liked SZ06 a lot and it sounds like it will be fun to play.

I encourage you to take a look at Brian Holland's patreon campaign for the Session Zero zine. [^5]

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A free Vampire The Masquerade hack for minimald6.
My minimald6 games: Fangs
My minimald6 games: Fangs
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Free collection of classes for The Black Hack.
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21 Shades of Black

This is a love letter to The Black Hack. It‘s also a celebration of creativity.
In this pdf, you‘ll find 21 print-ready character classes for TBH.

Please know that I HAVE NOT WRITTEN MOST OF THEM. I only did the layout and a few classes. I collected a lot of classes, but forgot to add the author‘s name to them. I didn‘t do this on purpose.

If you find your class in here, please drop me a line, and I‘ll add your name to your class.

Have fun!
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Via +lino pang :
"A revised and extended edition of Ironsworn has just been published by Shawn Tomkin. This FREE game is very professionally produced and presented. Moreover it has been play-tested by several people in both cooperative and solo mode."
I'm happy to announce the release of Ironsworn Preview 7, now available at

Ironsworn is the free tabletop RPG of perilous quests for solo, co-op and guided play. Preview 7 makes it a complete book, pending only final fixes for typos and other errors.

Preview 7 includes:

- An extensive new chapter covering campaign setup, gameplay principles, techniques for managing your Ironsworn quests, and tips and options for adjusting and hacking Ironsworn.

- Four new NPC's, including the horrifying Chimera and the indomitable Iron Revenant.

- New oracles and tweaks to existing oracles.

- Extensive revisions to all character assets, plus 9 new assets.

- Extensive fixes, corrections and tweaks.

- An index (a bit of a work-in-progress)

There are undoubtedly still some issues (hopefully small ones). I have a feedback form available here: If you find an error, please let me know!

A change log is available here:

Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback! You can download the Ironsworn RPG at Let me know what you think!
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