St. Louis is Awesome; This Article Sucks

+Aaron Perlut's article has been making the rounds the last couple of days, generally to very positive acclaim. Personally, I found it intensely irritating.

"St. Louis doesn't suck?" That's supposed to be our rally cry of affirmation and civic pride on the national stage?

Gee, thank you Mr. Non-Native for bestowing such an illustrious commendation upon us. You've lived in New York and you think St. Louis doesn't suck? Huzzah! We are all so grateful for your praise.

St. Louis doesn't suck in the same way that, oh, I don't know… bicycles, don't suck, in that they are awesome. If St. Louis had a wallet, it would be the one that said "Bad Motherf***er."

Aaron's action plan, offered up as a "gift to St. Louis," reads like a long list of things for other people, mostly "leading CEOs," to do. If you're looking to Civic Progress, which has been around for almost 60 years, for, well, progress, you're looking in the wrong direction. The things that make St. Louis awesome come from the bottom up, from people who actually do things instead of making lists of things for other people to do.

I'll note that Aaron is older than me, and I'm old. (I'll also note that St. Louis being a big small town, I used to work with his business partner, Brian Cross, at LiveWire Media.) Anytime someone even older than me starts talking about "what young people want," I automatically tune him out.Young people can speak for themselves, thank you very much.
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