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Another review of my book, RUNNERS! It almost made me blush!

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The cover to RUNNERS #1. 

It's early, I know, but I'd really like to have a drink. I haven't had alcohol in months. Le sigh...

Just a minor tweak to the cover of Runners, and the first issue is ready to print! Pretty excited about that.

Got the proof for Runners #1 in the mail today. Looking SWEET! One more read through for it, though, before I tell the printer it's good to go.

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Was added by +Steve Niles. I wonder if I can get him to wander over to ComixTribe... It's all about creators helping creators make better comics.

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How many of you are reading my Bolts + Nuts articles at ComixTribe? Who wants to step into The Proving Grounds with a script? Who is interested in articles on the various aspects of creating comics? Well, click the link! Lots of information as Creators Help Creators Make Better Comics!

My plans for Monday, after the move? Rewrite the ending to Runners 2, finish some B&N stuff for +Tyler James , and be a machine for other things. Time + No Distractions = Stuff Done!

Just checking it out on my phone. Seems pretty intuitive! I like!
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