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So there's going to be a #LivePD spinoff called Date Night Live. OH boy, that should be interesting on Lifetime!

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The SDCC Walking Dead season 8 trailer is now out!

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Coming soon to Facebook, a paywall if you read news articles on the social media site. People will hate this!

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Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington is dead at 41 from suicide. A lot of fans are feeling a little "Numb" today.

Dang, Tom London is not moving on. He did amazing but the talent is so good this year. I think he has a great future ahead! #AGT

Happy to see The Masqueraders, The Super Collies, The Singing Trump, Just Jerk crew, Demian Aditya, Eric Jones moving on! #AGT

Great #GoldenBuzzer pick by Chris Hardwick on Angelica Hale, a sweet young girl with such an amazing voice! #AGT

Great start! The Super Collies with Sarah and Hero did great, hope they get to the live shows. Rejection by Chris Hardwick was funny!

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In other news, Disney released a sneak peak of the Ducktales reboot coming in August, many are stoked for this!

If anything, this will inspire and encourage girls and women everywhere that you can do anything when you work hard! #DoctorWho
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