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Kenya Federation of Master Builders
Contractor's Association of Kenya
Contractor's Association of Kenya


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Trade Fair East Africa/NCA / KFMB wish to invite you to our 2nd Cibex E.A. Trade fair to be held on 26th - 28th February 2015 at the KICC Nairobi.

The main topics to be covered during the event includes:
- Joint Venture Agreements
- PPP projects financing
- Annuity Financing Framework in Kenya
- Oil and Gas Industry opportunities
- Collaboration in skills development for infrastructure and Green Building.

visit for more information.

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Conference Connection in partnership with KFMB is proud to announce the inaugural Africa Bitumen/Asphalt Forum 2015: New Frontiers in Global Bitumen Market (AfB 2015), which will be held in Nairobi on 28 – 29 January 2015. AfB 2015 is hosted and sponsored by the Ministry of Transport &...more
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Conference Connection in partnership with KFMB is proud to announce the inaugural Africa Bitumen/Asphalt Forum 2015: New Frontiers in Global Bitumen Market (AfB 2015), which will be held in Nairobi on 28 – 29 January 2015. AfB 2015 is hosted and sponsored by the Ministry of Transport &...more
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Dear contractors,

Please collect your Certificates of Compliance from our Headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi. Call 0710660212 or email
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Dear fellow contractors,

As you are aware, having attended the Contractors Conferences, the National Construction Authority (NCA) is in the  process of preparing lists of contractors all over the country. One of the requirements is that contractors should be registered with any of the three recognized contractors association namely the Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB), RACECA and KABCEC.

KFMB has been in the forefront in articulating contractors issues and continues to lobby government and all stakeholders to create an enabling environment to carry out construction as a profitable business. Since establishment, the Kenya Federation of Master Builders has successfully lobbied  for acceptance of Insurance Bid securities and Performance Bonds, and most recently, the creation of the National Construction Authority to regulate the industry. We represent contractors in all trades as classified under Schedule 3 of the NCA Act, and in the meantime have engaged the government for the provision of Guarantee Credit Schemes, Training and Capacity Building and Guarantees for Contractor’s payments.

KFMB has hundreds of active member contractors and are currently moving to the thousands as the association grows. Not only are we the most reasonably affordable and nationally recognized association, but there are several other benefits of being a member contractor. Currently, we have signed a 3 year project agreement with the German Contractors Association (BGV) and the Foundation for Economic Development and Vocational Training (SEQUA) for training and capacity building programmes. We also encourages international contractors to register partnerships and joint ventures with local contractors for the promotion of capacity building and technology transfer.

As a member, your company will be exposed to ongoing events concerning the construction industry while given opportunities to participate and voice your views in various public and private stakeholders’ meetings. Not only will you increase your company’s visibility, but also receive free information that will generally supplement your business development. These and many more details about the Association is published on our website below.

We invite you to join KFMB.
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Good afternoon Contractors,

Please note the fees schedule published on the National Construction Authority’s website

We as the Kenya Federation of Master Builders were not consulted in the creation of the structure and are of the opinion that they are too high. It is our belief that contractors should be brought on board as accommodatingly as possible.

It is in the same respect that the Secretariat intends to appeal these fees on behalf of all the contractors, and in turn ask you for your views on the matter.


Kenya Federation of Master Builders
New Waumini House 6th Floor Suite 601 Westlands
P. O. Box 51034 Nairobi 00200

Tel: +254 (0)20 4442602
Mob: +254 (0)71 0660212
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The successful joint venture goes on with the next international trade show on Construction, Infrastructure, Building and Energy called CIBEX East Africa 2014. In cooperation with the Kenyan government, the Ministry for East African Community (EAC) and the Kenya Federation of Masterbuilders, the exhibition will take place from 11th – 13th February 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. This international trade exhibition will be a great chance for international partners to benefit from the huge construction and infrastructure business in East- and Central Africa.

“CIBEX East Africa will be a success story with such a professional partnership. Our company already consists of major network to European exhibitors and multiplicators in this field. Both parties use the strength to fill the international trade exhibition with exhibitors from the Western countries,” says Ingo Klöver, CEO of planetfair GmbH + Co. KG. “The success of this show is guaranteed due to the great partnership and linkage to the East and Central African governments and associations. The objective is to ensure the solutions we bring to region are relevant”, Klöver adds. “We had already a great start in this market through our good cooperation with TFEA. This new agreement is a great example of effective global partnership on a high level capable of developing technologies and furthering the East and Central African infrastructure industry”, emphasizes Klöver.

About Construction, Infrastructure, Building and Energy Industry in East Africa:

The construction industry in East Africa is expected to expand in value to $9.3-billion over the next six years as investment increases, a new research report asserts. Research by global consultancy Frost & Sullivan pegs the current value of East Africa’s construction industry at $6-billion, and notes that the expected increase will largely be the result of investment by governments into housing, roads and civil works. The construction industries in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are primarily driven by government initiatives to eliminate urban slums.

Infrastructure is one the most critical enablers of a successful regional integration, taking into account its importance in facilitating activities such as trade, agriculture, tourism and the movement of labor and/or other resources. Outlining in greater detail the need for co-operation in infrastructure and services within the EAC, the EAC Development Strategy underscores the importance of infrastructure, noting the catalytic role it plays in the functioning of economies.

Energy is essential in the running of daily domestic activities and operation of industry. Availability of sufficient, reliable and affordable energy is crucial for the functioning of the economies of the East African region. As a service and productive sector, energy plays a catalytic role in stimulating investments and higher levels of productivity. Energy supply and energy access have, therefore, been integrated into the EAC Development Strategy the focus of which is the supply of sufficient, reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly energy through promotion of both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

The region is looking for international partners of Construction, Infrastructure, Building & Energy!

More information coming soon on

Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC), Nairobi, KENYA

Trade and Fairs East Africa Ltd. planetfair GmbH + Co. KG
P.O. Box 25958 - 00100 Jarrestrasse 42
Nairobi / Kenya DE-22303 Hamburg
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Dear Member Contractor,
Thank you for your participation in the ongoing NCA Conferences around the country.
Please confirm your registration with KFMB by sending your Membership Number to receive your Certificate of Compliance for the year 2013 which is required by the NCA Regulation 6(2) under Renewal of Registration. Kindly note that your renewal will not be considered by the NCA if you do not provide your proof of registration with an Association of Contractors.
The first set of certificates will be issued on 28th February 2013 and you shall receive a message from the Secretariat to inform you of the same. Remember you have the following options to make your payment:
1.     Equity Bank, NHIF Branch 
Kenya Federation of Master Builders 
Account Number 0170100094163 
2.     Safaricom Paybill Number: 979400

For any information or clarification, contact us.
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