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Avoiding Scams After A Storm

When you are faced with property loss after a superstorm like Hurricane Sandy that hit East Coast states New York, New Jersey, Delaware, New York as well as others, "after-disaster" scammers involving auto, home and yard repairs or clean-up are prevalent. Not all offers of help are scams, but it is important to be wary and not make hasty decisions.

-- If necessary, make temporary repairs to make your home safe. If your property is not inhabitable, contact your nearest Red Cross, first responders, or local government to find shelter and safety. Local churches or schools may also be acting as resources for shelter or food as well.

-- Contact family or friends if you can, or post a public update to social media sites they may follow you on such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Phone and cell lines get very congested during times of crisis and many of these calls are loved ones looking for information on YOU.

-- Find your home owners insurance policy! Be sure to save all receipts related to Superstorm Sandy, including those for food, temporary lodging, or other expenses that may be covered under your policy. If you don't understand all the specifics of your policy, a trained and licensed public adjuster can assist you with the details.

Even though you may be anxious to get your home and property back to normal, now is not the time to make rash decisions. Suffering property damage and loss is a peak time for your emotions to run high, understandable, but don't let that rush you into bad decisions. Don't feel pressured into making decisions or accepting insurance payout checks without speaking to a professional public adjuster. For more tips on dealing with immediate safety needs or longer term property damage claims please visit or contact the following:

 -- Metro Public Adjustment - (215) 633-8000  -- Red Cross - 
 -- Superstorm Sandy Google Crisis Map -  -- FEMA -  -- Pennsylvania -  -- New Jersey -  -- New York Governor Site -
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What to Do When You Suffer Damage or Loss to Your Home or Property

Property loss or damage is often, sudden, unexpected, and emotionally jarring. Knowing what to do when adversity strikes can help you navigate the insurance claim process and can improve the likelihood that you’ll receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Whether your home or business has suffered fire damage, water damage, theft, or other catastrophic event, it is important that you follow several basic steps when filing your insurance claim. Here, we will review those steps, highlighting the ways in which a public adjustment company can help you through the claims process.

Contact Your Insurer
The first step in filing a claim is reporting the loss or damage to your insurer. Keeping your homeowner’s policy and/or your insurance company’s contact information in a safe and accessible place can simplify this step.

Document Your Loss or Damage
Inventory all items lost or damaged. You may choose to list and/or photograph the items. In the case of stolen or destroyed property, a prior photo or catalog description can help document the item. The ease of video provides another way to document any loss or damage when filing your insurance claim.

Review and Understand Your Policy
It is important to understand what protections your insurance policy offers, the time period of protection, and the degree of compensation to which you are entitled. A public adjuster like Metro Public Adjustment can help you understand your policy and can ensure that your losses are properly documented. Because property loss or damage can be traumatic, having an advocate like Metro PA look over your policy can help you see and understand terms and conditions you may otherwise have overlooked.

File Your Claim
When imminent danger has passed, your insurer will have many questions about the nature of the property damage or loss. Always answer truthfully and to the best of your ability. Inaccuracies can only serve to delay the claims process and may negatively affect your compensation. Contacting a public adjustment company like Metro PA can ensure that your claim is properly filed, that no items are omitted, and that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are legally entitled. 

Follow Up and Settlement
Insurance companies routinely have questions that arise after the initial report. A public adjustment company can help you address these issues with confidence. Metro PA is your advocate when dealing with your insurer. They can help you prepare support documentation and negotiate settlements to maximize your compensation.

The Future
Once you’ve seen how a public adjuster like Metro PA can help smoother the claims process, you’ll be better equipped to avoid potential pitfalls in the future. You’ll discover the essentials of claims documentation and the importance of maintaining accurate records in case of fire damage, water damage, or other catastrophe affecting your home or business.
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How to Work with a Public Adjustment Company

Property loss or damage can be traumatic. You know you need to contact your insurer immediately, but how will you navigate the complex landscape of insurance claims to ensure that you file your claim properly and receive the maximum compensation due?
One way to ensure a smooth claims process is to work with a public adjuster like Metro Public Adjustment (Metro PA). A public adjuster is your advocate, and can help guide you through the process of filing a house or property insurance claim. Whether your home or business has suffered water damage, fallen trees, fire damage, or some other form of accident, Metro PA adjusters will represent your interests when preparing your claim and negotiating your settlement.
Here are just a few of the services that Metro PA provides to help with your property damage insurance claim:

- Evaluation of your existing policies to determine the coverage applicable to your claim
- Careful documentation of damage to structures, contents, and related expenses
- Assessment of losses related to business downtime due to property damage
- Preparation of support documentation
- Settlement negotiation to ensure the maximum compensation due

The time to contact a public adjuster (like Metro PA) is immediately after incurring property loss or damage. The sooner our skilled and licensed adjusters are aware of your claim, the sooner we can begin working to simplify the claims process. Remember that inaccurate or incomplete answers to an insurer’s inquiries about your property loss insurance claim can result in reduced compensation. By engaging a public adjuster like Metro PA early in the process, we can ensure that your loss or damage is properly documented.
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Windy Weather!

Tornado season in the United States ranges from March to July, depending on where you are located in the country. Even without an 'official' tornado, a windy day can be brutal to the outside of your home! Overturned BBQ grills & unsecured patio furniture can become dangerous projectiles
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Spring Cleaning

Did you know that spring is the perfect time to schedule a free home inspection? After you have cleaned baseboards, washed all the curtains and drapes, de-greased the stove, washed down the refrigerator, vacuumed behind the couch, and cleaned out the attic and basement - it becomes much easier to search for damages in your home that may have happened over the winter. Don't forget the outside either! It's time to trim down the bushes before new growth starts and clean out the gutters from leaves and debris.
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