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The Modern Prometheus (No, not Frankenstein!)
The Modern Prometheus (No, not Frankenstein!)


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Colors (vision)
New Horizons (spacecraft)
Pluto (dwarf planet)
Color Theory
Dimensions (physics)
New Horizons Pluto Flyby (July 2015)
Color Schemes
Watchmen (comic book franchise)
Space Debris
European Space Agency
Discovery of Flowing Water on Mars (September 2015)

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Outer Space Ranked #29
NASA Ranked #21
The Moon Ranked #38
Space Travel Ranked #27
Astronauts Ranked #12
International Space Station Ranked #16
Satellites Ranked #15
Science of Everyday Life Ranked #40
Spacecraft Ranked #17
Orbital Mechanics Ranked #11
Asteroids Ranked #47
Space Shuttle Ranked #12
Eyes Ranked #17
Superpowers (special powers) Ranked #41
Planets Ranked #35
Moon Landings Ranked #31
Time (physics) Ranked #14
Terraforming Ranked #23
Vision (eyesight) Ranked #40
Comets Ranked #12
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Ranked #24
Microgravity Ranked #21
Apollo Program Ranked #24
Satellite Communications Ranked #18
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV series) Ranked #16
Measurements Ranked #16
Teleportation Ranked #31
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Ranked #16
Radiation Ranked #46
Jupiter (planet) Ranked #48
Marvel Superheroes and Villains Ranked #17
Space Elevators Ranked #19
Costumes Ranked #22
Hulk (Marvel character) Ranked #29
Weather Forecasts Ranked #49
Astrophotography Ranked #36
Man of Steel (2013 movie) Ranked #31
Iron Man (Marvel character) Ranked #47
Star Trek series fan / Terminator franchise / Alien franchise
 Ranked #49
Comic Strips
Ranked #49
Calvin and Hobbes
Ranked #24
Warp Drive
Ranked #17
Dimensions (geometry)
Ranked #20
Voyager Program
Ranked #38
Cloning (biology)
Ranked #40
Apollo 11 (1969)
Ranked #17
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In an attempt to get the "believing" crowd to vote for her, Hillary has moved to add to the alien immigration debate.

"There are many weighty issues in this year’s presidential campaign, from tax policy to how to deal with the threat from ISIS. But Hillary Clinton and her staff have repeatedly made time to address another apparently pressing concern: the possibility that aliens have visited Earth, and the U.S. government has covered it up.

On Thursday, Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, told CNN that federal agencies “could do a much better job in answering the quite legitimate questions that people have about what’s going on with unidentified aerial phenomena.” He said Clinton would push for answers if she gets to occupy the Oval Office starting next January.

“What I’ve talked to the secretary about, and what she’s said now in public, is that if she’s elected president, when she gets into office, she’ll ask for as many records as the United States federal government has to be declassified, and I think that’s a commitment that she intends to keep and that I intend to hold her to,” Podesta said."

Of course her copies of the documents will be on her private server.....managed by the Cancer man....and the Fringe team.
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What do you think +James Yee​ ?
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Aeolis Mensae Region of Mars: A powerful combination of tectonic activity and strong winds have joined forces to shape the scenery in this region of Mars.

Canyons and ridges don't necessarily mean water. It means abrasion from movement of the soil and sometimes whatever atmosphere there may be. Ever fluid movement is possible, but usually from those gasses that can become liquefied at low temperatures.
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My free bag for being one of the top writers for Quora.
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This is where I put my Munch and Crunch to make sure my wife doesn't eat it.
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Done for now...
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Oops. I slipped. ..
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Now I am the master!
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My first job out of the air force in 1983 ACES, and DSIS, in the Blue Cube.
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