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Anna Ogilvie
Finding Inspiration & Beauty in the world
Finding Inspiration & Beauty in the world

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Owning your story .. & your power
Hi. I’m Anna . “I know that” – is how I imagine
you’ll be feeling right now. “We know who you are. You know, that girl behind lifesshinyprettythings, you travel a-lot, love champagne and inspiring quotes”. And you would be right. More than right, deeply cor...

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Blazing a trail of passion & purpose & why I LOVE Network Marketing
Snapshot of our life over the last 14 months  I had just left the Chinese restaurant. Heart thumping. Wild excitement coursing through me. A sense of 'is this really possible' running through my mind. And the one person - after Morgs of course - I had to ca...

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My Happiness List
GRATITUDE ATTRACTS ABUNDANCE I'm not sure you're all aware of this crazy fact, but...It's May. As in, the month of May. As in, we are already 5 months in to our year, as in, next month will be half way through 2014. I personally still feel like we're in Jan...

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Messages from the Universe
Sometimes, things, people and opportunities
come along that are hang on to your seat, not to be missed kinda’ moments. They
can be delivered by an unexpected party invitation, a free trip to an exotic
location, a coffee date with a stranger that turns you i...

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It's good to be back
Hi. Hello. Aloha. Hola It's been a little (ok, a lot) quiet around here the past 4 months and for that, I am sorry. It wasn't because I needed a break, or because I lost the passion for my corner of the web that expresses itself in this blog, it was just ot...

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My Happiness List
I struggle to actually put in to words at the moment exactly what it is I am grateful for and what's making my happiness list when I feel like it's just everything. Does that mean life is perfect? No, life isn't meant to be perfect, it just means I am embra...

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Bali; Our week in Paradise
There are places all over the world that just so fundamentally get me. Everything about the city or country just speaks directly to my soul. I love everything. The food, people, music, culture - and when I leave I don't fully ever leave completely. My heart...

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Links I Love
1. Mantra Bands of love - little divine reminders nestled right there on your wrist; "Breathe" "Carpe Diem" & "live what you love" are my favourite must haves. 2. Spirited by  Rachel MacDonald & Tara Bliss - I am yet to download and read it as I am saving i...

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October's Mind + Body Total Makeover .. + FREE Gift
When I sat to start writing this post I thought words would flow, that words would pour out of me and I didn't need to give it much thought as I knew exactly what I wanted to say and share. But this is the funny thing when you've had a big life change, it's...

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How to overcome your mind
You have, in your divine possession a weapon so powerful it
could change everything for you. Your financial situation, your emotional
situation, your wellbeing situation, whatever it is you can think of that isn’t
working for you right now in life....this w...
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