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Vasu (Vasundhara) is an Engineer, Singer and Writer. Please check out her Music and Blog at
Vasu (Vasundhara) is an Engineer, Singer and Writer. Please check out her Music and Blog at


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Ramana Please Come Quickly - Prayer Poetry: Vasundhara
ரமணா நீ வேகமாய் வாராய் - பிரார்த்தனை. கவிதை: வசுந்தரா

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Vasundhara - Bantu Reethi Kolu - Sri Thyagaraja Krithi
This is a beautiful song performed in front of a live audience in a Carnatic Music Concert.  Singers: Vasundhara and Thyagarajan.

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Sri Ramana Maharishi - Arunachala Akshara Manamaalai (Marital Garland of Words) 
Go To:
Meaning in English and Tamil: Vasundhara
Singers: Vasundhara and Thyagarajan, Violin: Krishna Kutty,
Keyboard: Vikram Rajan, Tabla: Tissa Munasinghe, Tambura: Matthew Greenblatt
This is a Hymn that Sri Ramana Maharshi wrote in Tamil at the request of his devotees who wanted Him to offer them a song to sing when they go to request food from householders.  Named the "Garland of Words", it is the Pouring of Divine Love to the Almighty, All-pervading Being. It was written in the attitude of a Beloved longing for the Lover.

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Vasundhara - Narayana Ninna - Sri Purandaradasa Krithi - Live Carnatic Music Concert
This is a wonderful song originally rendered by Sri Purandaradasa in Kannada.  It is melodious and touching.   It is filled with devotion, enough to melt even the hardest hearts.

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Vasundhara  -  Bhaja Govindam  (Worship God)  -  Bhajan  -  ENGLISH SUBTITLES - SCENIC VIDEO
This video is scenic. It has 100 scenes of Nature's Beauty and 130 Roses.   Song is spiritual. It has 31 verses of guidance for Life and Salvation. Any sincere seeker of happiness and peace of mind can benefit from it..  PLEASE READ MORE...

(Sing along, it will be fun.  Or watch it or listen to it while doing your Treadmill or Nature walk. For words and meaning Go To:

Sri Adi Sankaracharya found an old man memorizing grammar rules. Due to His compassion, He offered His guidance in the form of this Garland of Gems, explaining the Real Purpose of Life.

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Melodious, Peaceful and Devotional Music
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