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Please help: I can't figure out how to title the post. I've looked everywhere.

Scrivener! This is a super word process, if that's even the right category to put this piece of software. Anyhow, is anyone using it on Chrome, or better yet, a Pixelbook?

When I first saw the 2013 Pixel I had an immediate spiritual connection to it; I wanted one badly, but a $1300 price tag for a chromebook was so unrealistic, I held firm. However, I did keep my eye on them for several years. The great allure to me is that someone would actually go to the trouble of taking the simple idea of a browser only system and supercharge it and turn it into a luxury product.

This concept had great appeal to me. Just imagine how many mundane products we use could be made orders of magnitude better. For example: Eye glasses. They go back to the 1300s. Today's glasses are only marginally better than those made in the middle ages. Imagine eye glasses that were supercharged. At will you could see distances of 90 feet up close. See in the dark. Etc.

I did get the 2013 Pixel for a couple hundred bucks and the Pixelbook for $1000.

I have the Pixelbook, as well as the 2013 Pixel. For the most part I've reverted back to using the Pixel. I like the keyboard better and I've always liked the way it looks much better than the delicate, kind of sissyfied Pixelbook.
The only real advantage I found with the Pixelbook is that it's a lot lighter and at least double the battery life.
I don't really even use the Android apps any longer.
So when I'm doing work in local coffeeshops I use the Pixel, with what I consider the superior keyboard.
When I'm on the road and lightness and longer battery life matters, I use the Pixelbook.

Also, those areas on each side of the trackpad with that special texture coating is more of a gimmick than anything so damn valuable. I don't see how it makes the experience any better at all.

The difference in performance between the two; I can't tell the difference. They are both great.

I'm sold on it. I've got my Pixelbook. I love it. Does most everything that I expected it to do. I don't use it for photo editing or that which I do in Indesign.
However, I do wish I could use Filemaker on it. I could remote access one of my other computers, but that's not my first choice.

I don't really need to use Filemaker. I could use some other database that operates like Filemaker and just export the data, as needed.

Bottom line, does anyone have solid personal experience with a Chrombook/Android database app that simulates the Filemaker experience?

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