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Holy League Men's Conference will be in Mt. Angel next October
The 2017 2nd Annual Holy League Catholic Men's Conference is back!  Theme: 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima vs. 100 years of Communism, 300 years of Freemasonary and 500 years of the Protestant Revolt.  What to expect: Holy Mass, Spiritual talks, Con...

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Privilege = Opportunity
Any time you see a privilege that someone else has that you want- that is an opportunity to create a business to give that privilege to others. Every "White Male Privilege" in the book   Four Days to Change , is in fact something that society once found nec...

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Birth Control doesn't work
The problem is, almost every form of birth control, including sterilization, has flaws.   Condoms cause more sex to occur, overcoming the contraception.   Same is true of any other form of birth control.

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Break in at Mother and Child Education Center
A break-in occurred over the holiday weekend at Mother & Child.  Two windows were broken - 1 completely shattered -  and an interior door sawed through. If you were in the area and noticed any suspicious activity or have any information on this please call ...

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RIP Gert Welsh
from SIS: Michael Lytle, Gert Welsh's nephew, just called to say that Gert died in her sleep last night.  May she rest in peace; may perpetual light shine upon her.     Funeral arrangements are pending but it will probably be later in March--at St. Clare's,...

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The ancient rite of Asylum, and modern immigration problem in the United States
There has been talk of sanctuary churches as of late, and I got to thinking how these could be a positive rather than further division in our nation. From Wikipedia , we have this ancient description of Sanctuary in English Common law: Church sanctuaries we...

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Interesting Mathematics
Too bad it's by a  climate change denier , because the mathematical proof of just how much effect man really has on global warming is fascinating.

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Oregon Liberalism is more Conservative than Vatican Liberalism
I finally figured out why I have a visceral reaction to the German/Maltese/Argentinian formulation of Amoris Laetitia Chapter 8, and it has nothing to do with the Sacraments. It has to do with the Culture of Rape, and precisely, the role Rape plays in some ...

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January Volunteer Hours Due February 14!
Please Report your volunteer hours for January- we realize these will have been severely curtailed by Snowpacalypse! Dear Brother Knights,   Please remember to submit your hours to me.  You can use the form that Ted has set up or email a list of what you ha...

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An excellent article on the central problem of Amoris Laetitia's formulation on Conscience
This Article in the Catholic Herald today  asks an interesting question, one I have yet to see any Jesuit (after all, the Pope is taking this theology from Jesuit theology) explain in any reasonable fashion. If discernment and uninformed personal conscience...
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