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Providing marketing services with passion and a cutting edge
Providing marketing services with passion and a cutting edge

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UNPLANNED opportunities are so tempting.
Businesses are bombarded daily with ‘marketing opportunities’; the chance to provide sponsorship, the prospect of placing a bargain priced advertisement or the opportunity to be included in a weighty trade journal . Companies can decide whether such opportunities are of value by consulting their annual marketing plan.  Would the funds being spent on these non-strategic activities provide a better return if spent on engaging the target market identified in the annual marketing plan?

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THOUSANDS of customers are turning their backs on small businesses — after being bombarded with Tweets and Facebook posts.

Three-quarters of Brits are fed-up with social media websites being hijacked by boring sales messages, the UK’s largest networking organisation, Business Network International, found.

BNI has 13,000 small and medium enterprise (SMEs) members across the UK and its national director, Charlie Lawson, admitted: “SMEs know they should market themselves through social media channels but are still far from understanding how the medium works best."

So - do you know the FIVE CLASSIC MISTAKES which business owners make..?   Take a look at this blog - you will be amazed, and perhaps even a little embarrassed..!

Reasons to use us

The aims, objectives and requirements of individual companies are always unique. Marketing Edge uses a flexible approach to marketing which centres around your specific needs.

We believe that marketing plans should be realistic, practical and profitable for your business. Opportunities are identified, plans created to maximise the relevant opportunities and affordable budgets always allocated.

We fit in with your patterns of working, helping you and your team to manage the marketing process. We can guide your own employees, as well as act on your behalf to brief designers, engage with the press and write brochure copy.

Each business has its own marketing challenges which need to be addressed individually. We think ‘outside the box’ to provide creative yet practical solutions.

The initial consultation is free of charge. A project plan is then created based upon your aims and objectives and a price for the entire project agreed with you before work begins.

How we can help you

At times, all managers need to discuss their ideas, to refocus, clarify opportunities or formulate a workable solution to a specific problem. Marketing Edge can help by providing an experienced, objective view from outside the business.

The consultancy has over 20 years experience of:

- Planning, business growth and brand development

- Enhancing company visibility and image revitalisation

- Managing media communications

- Writing powerful presentations

- Using market and consumer research to identify major opportunities
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