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Some of you are under the delusion that if you just had a powerful enough spaceship, you'd be able to escape from a black hole's gravity. That an event horizon, not being a physical thing, isn't an insurmountable boundary.

Want to imagine what it would look like as you fell into a black hole? Join the party, and watch the Universe disappear! I'm telling you, General Relativity is a harsh mistress, particularly when it comes to black holes!
"They say 'A flat ocean is an ocean of trouble. And an ocean of waves... can also be trouble.' So, it's like, that balance. You know, it's that great Oriental way of thinking, you know, they think the...
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never say never, there might be an off switch inside the black hole. ;)
It's simple math. The gravity is of a level that it would require you to travel faster than the speed of light to escape.
Since you cannot travel faster than the speed of light you cannot escape.
Actually is not that simple. You can "escape" from Earth with a velocity lesser than the Earth escape velocity. But you can't do it from a BH, provided they exist.
BTW, I don't believe in BHs :D
I haven't done the math, if I even know enough to, but it would seem you could have gravity strong enough to have an event horizon without having to have a singularity, which seems to be the main sticking point mathematically.
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