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Now people are coming republican right to vote for independent U.S. citizen candidate Donald J Trump, to restore to the Constitution, the people return to power, with independent politics, America is first. Vote for Donald J Trump !!!
-The Communist Party and Communist individuals were already proscribed by law in accordance with the constitution US, written document that founded our republic of the United States, current traitor Congress in collusion with executive and judicial powers in contravention not enforce the mandatory written text the constitution, which does not allow any interpretation, and that are intentionally omitting enforce, since the unconstitutional trade agreement made by Nixon-Kissinger traitors with communist tyranny of Mao Ze Dong called Peoples republic of China.
-The Terrorist rule book Koran with hate and crime training in operating unconstitutionally Trojan mosques in cities USA, knowing by themselves Muslim that are sanctioned and banned by the first and second amendment of the Constitution, but in contravention high USA treason against the people traitor current congress authorize current dictator Trojan Muslim Obama to negotiate nuclear deal with the enemy Iran, and secrets cover participation of Saudi Arabia in the Muslim terrorist attacks of 09/11/2001.
-The Traitor NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada unconstitutionally created by conservative and liberal elite anti-America USA to betray the worker taking the plant production and jobs in USA with the illicit target for US companies officially move from USA for official fraud massive tax evasion by entering the products that companies USA produced in Mexico and Canada free of customs duty, fraud and treachery that current congress is cloaking by allowing unconstitutional agreement NAFTA continue destroying the US economy to the detriment the country and the American people.
The American people do not leave more than the anchor baby ( exempla: concurrent dictator Barack Hussein Obama III, ineligibles candidates: Canadians Cuban senator Ted Cruz and Cuban senator Marco Antonio Rubio) continue with fraud for the benefit of unconstitutional conservative and liberal elite that has kidnapped the branches of power: executive, congress and judiciary, the people now go to vote in November to return to power and take back congress, judicial and executive unconstitutional and get bipartisan elite plague of "socialist conservative" and "liberal communist" violating our constitution and harming our American dream to our children and their future and US nation.
We insurgent American people with their militias organized constitutionally, are tired and angry traitors in Washington DC, and now have their loud with independent citizen candidate US Donald J Trump, to restore to the Constitution, the people return to power, with politics, America is first. Vote for Donald J Trump !!!
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Insuring Those Who Serve
Navy Mutual Aid Association is a nonprofit, federally tax-exempt, mutual benefit Veteran Service Organization which was established in 1879  for the purpose of providing financial protection to military members and their families.
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