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To all our #trendsetters: we will be posting a video of us practicing soon so u guys can get a sneak peek at our newest routin luv ya

Join the DGR FANS community. If ur wondering wat DGR is its like the best dance crew around. DGR stands for dobbie girls rock. Join the community to become a DGR #trendsetter . Me and +Treyana Fains. And +Dnashia Townsend and +Nyasia hinson are in the group. Join the community to let the world kno we are real and the best dance crew around. I will add some videos of us practicing soon thank you ;)

Guys!!! Daya coleman is not the real zendaya. If u go to her profile it says annabella sanchez annabella. I AM SO SERIOUS!! If u dont belive me go to her utube page its not herr!!! Plz believe me!! :/
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