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Any time I see job postings for writing positions, they always require a degree in English, Journalism, or Communication, and they won't look at outstanding writers with degrees in history, business, or science.

These are the three questions marketing agencies should concern themselves with MORE than what degree a person has. I'm living proof that you don't need a writing degree to be a good and successful writer.

I saw a blog post that questioned whether the writers of self-published deserved to be called "authors."

They certainly do more than non-authors do.

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The 10 Best Movies That Were Never Made

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How to Research Like a Writer

I'm looking forward to Midwest Writers Workshop this July. I'm doing a half-day intensive on blogging on Thursday, doing a breakout session on humor writing, and serving as the opening speaker on Thursday night.

If you're a writer, or want to be one, THIS is the writing conference you need to attend. It's held at Ball State University in the alumni center, and it's a chance for you and your fellow ink slingers and word nerds to gather and share ideas and stories.

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Mark Schaefer says we need to prepare for a content shock, where rampaging hordes of mediocre writers are going to flood the Internet with not-very-good copy.

I thought we already had that.

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New blog post about weird writing habits that can improve your writing (they improved Erik's at least).

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New blog post: Content Marketing the Kurt Vonnegut Way

Vonnegut was an effective writer because of the imagery he brought to his writing through the use of metaphors and similes. This blog post looks at a single answer he gave in an interview about the 240 millimeter howitzer he trained on during WWII.

New blog post: 5 Ways to Protect Your Blog Against Hackers

We were inspired to write this after seeing the Limit Login Attempts plugin in action today, plus thanks to +Lorraine Ball and +Roundpeg for actually writing about the topic back in April. (Such trendsetters!)

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I'd like to see more writers try this. An Open Letter to Young Writers Applying for Writing Jobs.
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