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I'd love to find a fellow mental health blogger to partner up with! If that's not possible, I would also love to work with someone interested in health, well-being, or lifestyle blogging.

Hello! I have been blogging for almost four years, but I just purchased the eKit. I am in love! I started as a fashion blogger, and it took about a year for me to find my passion as a mental health/lifestyle blogger. 

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Goodbye, The Awkward Indie Girl!
A lot has happened in the last month. My blog and I have gotten a lot of attention, and I have had some amazing opportunities to serve as an advocate for the mental health community - expect a blog post about this soon! I think I have finally reached the po...

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Sometimes I Am Disabled
Most people who know me know that I am bipolar. When it comes up in conversation, I don't mind sharing. I'm happy to answer questions, and I am always willing to be an advocate. Not much of my private life is actually private. On my blog I admit to having b...

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I have been off Lexapro for a week now. It's my first time with 0mg since my first hospitalization in 2012. Late last year, I started taking Latuda, which is for bipolar depression. It seemed like a good time to try weaning myself off of the Lexapro. I take...

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High School
I did NOT take this photo. This is from Rock n Roll Revival last year, but it captures the spirit of the show better than any other image I could create myself. I don't know who to give credit to, since I found it on multiple people's Facebook pages. If it'...

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The "B" Word
At Towson University, I have seen several posters advocating for "Spread the Word to End the Word." There is an entire website campaign dedicated to purging the word "retarded" from casual use. At first I was skeptical. Does one word really matter? The more...

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Today I'm going to bring to light a secret I've been harboring. My therapist says, "You're only as sick as your secrets." I briefly mentioned this secret in the post I wrote about losing my religion , but I am ready to share a few more details. When I was i...

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Bipolar Interview
Hello everyone! Today I'm over at Like a Bird with Kendra. She interviewed me about my experience with bipolar disorder as a part of a monthly series on mental illness. She is interviewing one woman a month with a different mental illness, and I'm so honore...

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Losing My Religion: Why I Am No Longer a Mormon
This is the story of how I lost my faith. It's not a beautiful story, nor will it be a popular one. I have struggled with writing it down for over a year. There are so many people I don't want to disappoint, so many people who touched my life, so many peopl...
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