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Kevin W. Grossman
Author of Tech Job Hunt Handbook
Author of Tech Job Hunt Handbook

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The Hard C
She asked the person to remove the C-word from the Facebook post. The person responded sorry you're offended by my freedom of speech . And after that for my wife, it was all she wrote, so to speak. Whether the person was talking about a woman or a man doesn...

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Here There Only Be Humans
“Oh, my God! What is with Rick? Again, he does nothing. He’s
gotta go,” said the Mama, what I lovingly call my wife. “I know, I hear you this time. At least this time he talked smack
back at Negan,” I said. “He didn’t do anything! He could’ve at least head-...

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Of Their Own Making
By the time we parked, Beatrice announced for the fourth time that she probably was not going to climb the rock wall. "Did you see it?" I asked. "Yes," both girls answered in unison. "It's in the parking lot," Beatrice added. The rock wall, which was actual...

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Into the Open Air
It's strange because I've never gone skydiving. Yet that's what I imagined in order to stay focused while she read to me. Metaphorically falling fast through the air with literally no ability to think about anything else except the unrelenting presence of t...

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Let's Keep Talking About It: April Is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Here's the thing -- we just don't like to talk about it.  And I get it. I do. For those of us who have young daughters, my wife and I included, none of us want to imagine what could happen to them at the hands of a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or a significa...

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The Dog That Ate The Moon
“Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored.” — Patricia A. McKillip Back then it was The Hardy Boys and The Three Investigators . Stories of boys, teenagers actually, solving mystery after mystery, with l...

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The Slippery Slope to Dogs and Cats
Who knew what the Cavia porcellus could do. We certainly never imagined. Refused to imagine actually. After Jumpy Tree Summer and Goldie Rose Macaroni, that was it. No matter how much the girls worked on us for something else. No more domestic tragedies. No...

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All the Faith I Can Muster
Again with the silver and gold wars. The economics of labor, competitive advantage, business growth and profits have always broken the backs of, divided and suppressed the masses. The haves and the have nots remain seemingly affixed to their hierarchical po...

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Why We Celebrate Our Crazy Little Thing
“This thing (this thing) Called love (called love) It cries (like a baby) In a cradle all night It swings (woo woo) It jives (woo woo) It shakes all over like a jelly fish I kinda like it Crazy little thing called love…” —Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Lo...

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Until It Eventually Does
A week later Goldie Rose Macaroni was gone. She hadn't done very well from day one, barely eating all week, lethargic and listing, one of her fins slightly smaller and sickly like Nemo's. "What should we do?" asked the Mama (what I lovingly call my wife). "...
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