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River Monsters in Mackay?
Soft muddy banks are like a canvas that records the animals of
the intertidal forest.  Incredibly
delicate feeding patterns from fiddler crabs and fin prints from mudskippers
can be perfectly preserved.  And so can the prints of much larger and more mysteri...

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Postcard from Clairview, Central Queensland
After traveling for
hours through dry cattle country on Australia's national highway, suddenly encountering an uncanny light blue sea at Clairview makes a big impression. The township of Clairview is a string of houses along a beach without even a petrol st...

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The Rakali, Australia's answer to an Otter
A Rakali is a large semi-aquatic rodent that is Australia’s
closest equivalent to an otter.  They are
also commonly known as water rats, however this name bothers me as the animal
is clearly different from a rat. 
Recently the Australian government decided ...

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Finally I have something to say about Central Queensland.

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Giant Tides and Intertidal Fauna
Central Queensland has some highest tides in
Australia, with a tidal range of as much as 7 m, and I was wondering what
effect such a tidal range has on the intertidal fauna.  The rocky headlands on the Mackay Coast are spectacularly jagged with
angular boul...

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Baby Mole Crabs
My observations already form the main on-line documentation
of some species and the mole crab ( Albunea symmysta ) is one of those.  Today, I was standing on Holloways Beach near
Cairns, North Queensland, Australia when I started seeing little split pea-siz...

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Pilot fish and Longtoms
Pilot fish famously follow sharks around, however it seems
that this relationship is repeated on a smaller scale. I observed a longtom (also known as a needlefish) about 40 cm long hunting in the surface waters beside the Cairns waterfront
boardwalk.  Then ...

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Australia's Spurred Mangroves (Ceriops sp.)
Spurred mangroves probably account for at least one third of all mangroves
in northern Australia.  They form
extensive pure stands on higher and drier parts of the tidal range yet most
people have probably never ever seen them as there are few places where

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Hidden Life of Salt Pans
Marine salt pans look barren but there is life there when
you look closely. The first surprise was that the salt pan was home to lots of wolf spiders.  They are the
same colour as the ground and do not cast a shadow so it is hard to see them
fleeing when ou...

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Sharks near Cairns Beaches
You rarely see sharks in inshore north Queensland waters, at least when you are out on the water or standing on shore.  In thirty years of spending time on the beach and paddling surf skis, I have only seen one shark, a large black tip reef shark.  Yet in t...
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