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Jeremiah Hargenrader
Aspiring Developer/Programmer.
Aspiring Developer/Programmer.

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Let me chime in as another person coming from Google Reader. Loving tt-rss so far. Thanks to others' plugins, patches, and css tweaks, I've got it set up very close to how I currently use Google Reader. Thanks for such a great project!

The one minor thing I'm still missing from Reader is the ability to use the keyboard shortcuts to highlight categories/feeds or articles, without automatically opening/expanding them.

But overall, I'm very satisfied. I wish I had considered installing an RSS reader myself sooner, rather than relying on a service that could someday be shutdown.

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Another as predicted.  Jeez.  No time even to breath: Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down.

Wow, I just found out Google Reader was being shut down (from an item in Google Reader), and that's pretty much all my G+ feed is about right now. Glad to see I'm not the only one freaking out. I know there's other feed readers out there, and a lot of them have gotten very creative, but Reader has always seemed very simple, and a relatively quick way to browse through hundreds of feeds that I know I want to read.

Guess it's time to find an alternative, though. RIP Google Reader :(

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Wow, this is really fun. Every e-card service out there should give you this much control over your card's design. Fun way for beginners to learn as well.

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With Gmail down, this seems like a good excuse to set up some of the things in this Lifehacker article that I've been too lazy to bother with before, like IMAP/POP

A new #walkingdead  episode and a #firefly  reunion. What an epic night!

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Me too, Abby.
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