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Connor Alexander
Be careful who you pretend to be, for in the end, that is what you are.
Be careful who you pretend to be, for in the end, that is what you are.

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Alien Covenant
Spoiler filled review of Alien Covenant! I knew about twenty minutes in to watching the latest film in the Alien franchise, that I would have to write about it. I've seen them all, have an Alien tattooed on my back, wrote a massive review of Prometheus (I w...

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Terminal Thoughts
This is a write up on my thoughts about Terminal Directive, the ambitious new expansion to Android: Netrunner from Fantasy Flight Games. After the large red spoiler tag, there will be spoilers. Prior to that tag, I ruin it for you. Before I dive in to the n...

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Can we talk about "justice" for a minute? When something bad happens in our society, there's often a call for "justice" or when our legal system fails, people decry a lack of "justice". But I think very few people stop to think what it means, both in specif...

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Fuck the 2nd Amendment
And you know what else? Fuck the U.S. Constitution. But that's a different post. Let's stick with the 2nd Amendment for today. Every time I hear someone say something to the effect of "But it's my RIGHT. I have a RIGHT to own a gun," I picture some indignan...

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Sexism, misogyny, racism and bigotry in Android:Netrunner
As I write this my computer is quietly dinging at me every few seconds to let me know that new comments are appearing on a post on the Netrunner Facebook group. I started to write a long response of my own when I realized that it needed to be longer than ju...

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Richard Marx Is Punk as F**K
I realize the title might elicit some extreme reactions, but before you completely dismiss me, hear my tale. In the 90s, I was heavily steeped in the goth and industrial culture, crowd surfing and moshing to bands like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and the like...

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My Top 100 Songs (76-100)
Wrapping up my Top 100 favorite songs list! 76-100! (Okay, 101, but I couldn't decide between the Shatner version of Common People and the original by Pulp, so both are included!) YouTube Playlist:

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My Top 100 Songs (51-75)
Continuing my list of my top 100 favorite songs! Today is 51-75. Here's the YouTube Playlist: And in case you don't want to listen or some get removed, here's the list: 51 Paint It Bla...

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My Top 100 Songs (26-50)
Continuing my top 100 songs from yesterday, here's 26-50: YouTube Playlist: Here's the list in case you don't want to listen: 26 Taxman - The Beatles 27 Space Age Love Song - Flock o...

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My Favorite 100 Songs (1-25)
I'm 45 and it's New Years, so time for lists, right? I thought I'd throw out a list of my favorite songs of all time. At first I thought it would be daunting. How do you categorize, quantify, sort and sift all of the amazing music out there and come up with...
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