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Thriving the Cryptocurrency Market with CRYPTOBONDS
Thriving the Cryptocurrency Market with CRYPTOBONDS

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Twogap R&D Lab

Serri 10 - Twogap white paper quote

Rely on resources to research, develop, improve, optimize all Cross-Liquidity solutions options in the best way. Cross-Liquidity scenarios that Twogap R & D Lab will focus on developing, licensing, and deploying applications will include all of these Cross-Liquidity relationships will form the global Cross-Liquidity system, which will be the subject of continuous research into how to optimize the connection method, how to use the smart contract and the token of the system. Improved mode of operation to create transaction hyperlinks, super-liquid for the entire market Crypto Market. All research will create favorable conditions for promoting the amalgamation of traditional securities products to Crypto Market.

Twogap R&D LabInput-output operation
Input derived from the market requirements of the traditional securities industry combined with the Cryptocurrency industry, thereby extracting the idea of utility solution. Output is the research results tested on Testnet, Sandbox, corresponding to each use case, if the test results are effective and compatible with the system will be officially applied to Mainnet . All patent solutions will be registered for copyright in the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, the EU, and countries as the primary market for products, Crypto Industry's services include Cryptocurrency, Crypto Assets, Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks, Cryptogoods.

Establish networking with R & D labs of companies, organizations, universities, governments around the world to share research results, accelerate research, share resources, financial and research trends in the present and in the future.

Apply Incentive Mechanism to participants in Twogap R & D lab and networking partners with Twogap R & D lab. Incentive Mechanism will motivate all participating volunteers to accelerate research in the interest of the community, the group, and each member.
For more information, please visit our sites at
And don't forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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Cross-Liquidity Cold/Hot Wallet + Exchange

Serri 9 — Twogap white paper quote

For end user, hodler, trader, investor
Wallet + decentralized exchange + Centralized Exchange + Traditional Securities Exchange + Cross-Liquidity services base on Cross-Liquidity protocol .
Technical functions

Twogap Platform Product Package
Cross-Liquidity Wallet- Alpha version

Twogap has completed a alpha version of cold wallet, hot wallet and integrated exchange and cross-liquidity for end users, and the beta version continue to be released in the next few weeks.

For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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Twogap Hybrid platform - Five-layer technology solutions

Serri 8 — Twogap white paper quote

First Layer — blockchain infrastructure

Twogap using Ethereum blockchain infrastructure — To run Twogap hybrid Platform.

Twogap Hybrid Platform on Ethereum blockchain

TGT token is an ERC20 token

Advantages: Ethereum is the second largest blockchain network worldwide, after Bitcoin blockchain. The number of nodes in Ethereum is very difficult to assure, if not impossible, of 51% attacks, stable networks, and a strong community of developers.

Disadvantage: High Charge — For high value transactions the Cryptobonds on Twogap platform is not a microtransaction, so high fees on the Ethereum network are acceptable. High fees on Ethereum do not become a barrier to Cryptobond trading on the Twogap platform. Transaction speed is slow 15 TPS — this rate is acceptable for Cryptobonds transactions because it is not a micro transaction. Scalability is not strong, but this weakness does not become a barrier to Cryptobonds transactions as it is not a microtransaction.

Second Layer — Bond, Stock, Goods tokenized solutions
Technology description
Encryption, transaction processing, listing, by 0x protocol
Off-chain order relay
On — chain settlement
In the 0x protocol, the order is transported off — chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. Relayers help broadcast orders and collect a fee each time they facilitate a trade. Anyone can build a relayer.
Most visualize — programmer-less — Graphical interface
Buyer graphical interface.
Issuer — Seller graphical interface
Dealer graphical interface
Liquidity interpenetrated pool
Two options for issuing CryptoBond: Option one — fixed interest rate. Option two — bid interest.

Of chain order relay — On chain setllement
Tokenization and transaction mechanism
Based on demand-side research, the Twogap platform offers a broad range of basic features for Twogap’s Encrypted, Underwriting, Settlement, Clearing, Buying and Selling, and Blockchain exchanges. The solution now is encrypted into CryptoBonds with the most intuitive and graphical graphical interface.

Encrypted — Trade — Distributed Register — Clearing
Advantages: The interface and smart contract of 0x has been optimized for Fintech applications on Ethereum. The technology of 0x has been tested, applied on a few dozen Fintech projects showing efficiency, stability and convenience.
Disadvantage: 0x has no technology solutions and market solutions to create active liquidity for financial products.

Third Layer, Cross-Liquidity Protocol
Technology Description
For Exchange owner : API / SDK connects Crypto Exchange and Traditional Securities Exchange to verify KYC / AML, OFAC, buy / sell transaction processing, order matching.
For end user : Cold Wallet + Hot Wallet combine Crypto Exchange + Traditional Securities Exchange
For dealer: Framework, Toolkit, Server for easy clone, fast ( one day ) model Cold Wallet + Hot Wallet combine Crypto Exchange + Traditional Securities Exchange.

Smart contract will coordinate the transaction upon request, the token of the system as the intermediary transfer volume and transaction value.
Incentive Mechanism (TGT) tolls of the Liquidity Pool node system, applied to three cases with a system token that participates in the core protocol.
Difficulty increasingly
Difficult = D = T / S
S: total supply of TGT-Token
T: number of TGT-Token exists in pool
Input of token fuel circle
User Fees = ((F + C + E) * W) -
F: network fees
C: cross-Liquidity fees
E: exchange fees
W: wei percent of total
Output of token fuel circle
Reward = ( N / M * T * W ) / D
N : number of transaction of Exchange
M : total of transaction of all Exchanges
T : number of TGT-Token exist in pool
W : wei percent of total

Fourth Layer, Twogap Algorithm Store (AI/ML)
“Soon the books will read you while you are reading it” — Homo Deus
The flow of data through Twogap’s Cross-Exchange and Cross-Exchange is handled through AI, Twogap’s ML algorithm, and the developer community will help the Issuer, Exchange Owner, Investor, and Trader understand each other by adjusting their status. Protection of the interests of each party and protection of the market, data and predictions, hints acquired not only in transaction history but also in the records of Bids, Asks, Long, Short. To ensure the continued evolution of technology solutions, Twogap not only relies on the core team, it also encourages participation and development from the developer community.

Stored algorithms support for three core core technology solutions that create Twogap’s interconnected liquidity.
Developers can contribute or sell their algorithms on the Twogap Store. Buyers are Twogap, the Exchange developer, publishers, sponsors and traders.
Non-exclusive data — shared between Cross — Exchange, Issuer, Underwriter, Relayer, Investor, Trader — for the benefit of all parties involved.
Using Machine Learning and AI Algorithms to analyze data to help adjust FOMO — FUD psychology in the investor, trader community, thereby regulating the amplitude and decreasing scale of the whole market.
Algorithm Store: Developer sells his solution here
The developer contributes to the TGT token reward system from the system allocated from the TGT token reserve pool through the Incentive Mechanism.

Fifth layer, system security
Identify potential threats to the system and partners and prevent solutions.

Eavesdropping between client and API server and gateway server (Blockchain server): Encrypt data before sending. Also for each transaction will be mapped with a random sequence of payload (payload).
DDOS: Solution for load balancing.
User access is unauthorized: Encrypted before being stored on the server, only users can access.
Unauthorized access to the server: Limited access to the server.
Unauthorized data access: Using a password to scramble (Multisignature)
Hire a professional security consultant
Twogap Hybrid Platform is the foundation future of the Cross-Liquidity Alliance. A growing number of new members are the traditional stock exchanges and the Crypto Exchanger joins the alliance as the indispensable process — you can imagine would there be a commercial bank in the world outside the global banking system that still exists?
For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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What is Twogap?

Serri 7 — Twogap White Paper quote

Why we are here ?
Because Crypto Market being caught in the Middle-Volume Trap.

How it will be solved ?
Need to add more the mainstream investment product as bond, the stock, goods into Crypto Market.
Need to address conflicting between Compliance with Liquidity to expand Liquidity of Crypto Market.
Need to extract capital line from the Traditional Security Market into Crypto Market.

What is Twogap ?
The World Bank and Austria Government fired the first shot, releasing the first batch of bonds on the blockchain.
Twogap provides the solution, core protocol for the next assault of Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks, and Cryptogoods into the Crypto Market.
Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks Tokenized Platform
Intelligent Compliance solutions : Compliance and Liquidity has been resolved by Intelligent Compliance solution via Twogap Platform.

The Twogap is derived from the Two-Gap model and Game of Theory. Both these doctrines focus on the behavioral gap between the two objects to optimize the benefits of both. The author of Two-gap Model, Hollis Chenery was also the chief strategist of the early World Bank. Avoid zero-sum games by studying the application of Game Theory by John Nash, a mathematician and scholar who has received the Nobel Prize.

Twogap realizes the inevitable evolution of history, predicts the future, and thus determines the action that must be continued in the present.
Twogap maintains a strong investment in Cryptobonds, CryptoSocks, Cryptogoods, and CryptoStocks, and protects investors, rescuers and market participants. Twogap also provides a Cross-Liquidity Protocol, hyperlinks, and hyper-liquidity.

Twogap protect investors and clear liquidity
Twogap became the main trigger for the amalgamation of traditional securities products to Crypto Market, providing a platform for the irreversible sustainable growth of the entire market, blurring the boundary between Crypto Market and Traditional Security Market, increasing profitability for stakeholders, coin hodler, accelerating technological advances.

As Crypto Market grows asymptotically to the size of the traditional stock and financial markets, it means Cryptocurrency with Incentive Mechanism has become more commonplace and has become an engine of automated growth. For all industrial systems, all core economic systems. Then global industry and technology will grow with sudden acceleration that right now we can only imagine that can not calculate the growth rate of it.
One more thing, vision and technology solutions from Twogap provide the means, accelerate innovation, build and operate Crypto Exchange — Traditional Security Exchange, where each member finds their own interests. Through the hands to make the cake grows in a sustainable way. This process goes through three basic steps.
Step one :
Tokenize all types of securities, conditionally traded merchandise, SEC licenses on all trading platforms to become Cryptobonds, CryptoStocks, CryptoGoods … etc
Step two
Create global pool of liquidity using Cross-Liquidity Protocol to create super-hyperlinks → hyper liquidity
Step Three
Form a Crypto Exchange + Traditional Security Exchange alliance to take advantage of the ultra-transparent Cross-Liquidity Protocol, which provides long lasting benefits and profits for each member of the alliance and the entire Crypto Market.

The speed and frequency of circulating trading orders increased, leading to the increase in total liquidity. The size of the Crypto Market will be gradually approaching the traditional financial and securities markets — the evolution of Crypto Industry and Crypto Market.
Twogap — firstly as a technology company.
Creating liquidity, creating markets is the number one priority — — providing Cross-Liquidity Protocol technology — Intelligent Compliance
Making the mainstream sustainable investment product a priority number two, provided to the super-liquid pool set up in step one.
Twogap — next with the role of cryptocurrency company.
TGT is Erc20 token of Twogap Blockchain Hybrid System.
Strong TGT Token Economics
TGT Token with Incentive Mechanism joins the business model, core protocol first
The fundraising Token is only the number two target,
The SEC also needs a TGT Token
Core Protocol + business model + token economic + Incentive Mechanism is not separated.
Twogap — Understanding — Where is True Cryptocurrency?
Definition of true token economics? Token participates in core protocols, joining the basic business model, powerful incentive mechanism.
Token economics have separate business model? The answer is no.
Twogap — Consider the problem of Crypto Market as our mission.
Lack of liquidity, lack of mainstream investment products, barriers to Compliance to the Security Token and Cryptocurrency of the entire market have become the mission of Twogap.
The solution is to create Cross-Liquidity Protocol to create super-liquid for all types of Crypto-Everything on Crypto Market.
Intelligent Compliance — Compliance and liquidity are often mutual barriers, but Twogap has proposed a Cross-Protocol solution for intelligent coordination that ensures compliance and liquidity.
Algorithm to regulate the hyper-relationship between Exchange Alliance and Issuers, Underwriter, Clearing services, Investor, Trader, and Community to coordinate the FOMO and FUD psychological adjustment to the disadvantage of investors, service providers and sustainable growth of the entire market.
Twogap — The Alliance Traditional Security Exchange + Crypto Exchange
Nasdaq is looking at the crypto market.
NYSE is also planning to participate in the Crypto Market and Crypto Industry
CBOE and CME needed the Cross-Liquidity Protocol to exploit the market outside the US by extending their affiliation with dealers to become their dealer, thus increasing the liquidity for Bitcoin Futures.
Nine American companies and financial institutions are applying to the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF license that need Twogap’s liquidity solution to provide Cross-Liquidity Protocol-based solutions for their products.
Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and BlackStone, Bakkt, Fidelity also need the Cross-Liquidity Protocol for their current and future products.
The World Bank fired the first gun when it issued $ 80 million of its blockchain bonds, which were quickly consumed by seven US investors. The next time they need Twogap’s liquidity solution for their larger-scale bonds.
The Austrian government has also blamed a second blast for its $ 1.3 billion government bond issue on blockgain Ethereum, which also needed Twogap’s Cross-Liquidity solution.
For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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Serri 6 - Twogap White Paper quote

Why should this Cross-Liquidity Alliance be formed?

Because they all feel the same pain, they find common motivation and interest in creating interconnected vans across Twogap's Cross-Liquidity Protocl that creates hyperlinks, hyper liquids and standards. made available for an unprecedented large-scale amphibious operation.

Stock products currently listed on the stock exchange will be encrypted for simultaneous listing on Crypto Exchange through the Twogap platform by Cross-Liquidity Protocol.

Although the World Bank and the Austrian government took the lead role, seven rocks rolled down the mountain to trigger a chain reaction soon after, a massive amphibious assault of the traditional securities products entering the crypto market, making the size gap of the two markets will narrow through each fiscal year.

The amphibious landing is based on Twogap's Cross-Liquidity complete solution to address the liquidity-enhancing strategy of the entire market, which has the benefit of being unobtrusive to its members - Crypto Exchange and Traditional Securities Exchange.

In summary, wanting to get rid of medium scale traps for sustained and strong growth, Crypto Market needs the following two solutions.
Its necessary to add mainstream investment products like Cryptobonds, Cryptostock, Cryptogoods. These products will attract new and larger investment streams, pull the biggest players in the global financial world to join Crypto Market, and will combine with other high value Crypto to purge the Crypto Trash. , healthy market.

In addition to mainstream investment then you need to prepare for liquidity before it. Crypto Exchange should link to each other and link to the Traditional Security Exchange to become Cross-Liquidity Alliance to create the Cross-Liquidity Pool. Twogap has prepared the Cross-Liquidity Protocol for the hyper-liquidity linkage, logistics for the amphibious assortment of traditional securities products leaving the old financial continent migrating to the new Crypto continent. The new land is always the land of promise.

Cross-Liquidity Alliance base on Twogap Cross-Liquidity Protocol are second solutions to help Crypto Market exit Medium Scale Trap.
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Medium Scale Trap Exit Strategy — Second Solutions

Twogap White Paper quote — Serri 5

If a new product line joins a new market, without liquidity, it is very likely to die prematurely from the beginning, before it can go further to realize its vision and mission. So liquidity is a vital factor to consider before putting Cryptobonds into the Crypto Market.

The liquidity of the market is weak and in particular to the Security token line, the liquidity is almost zero, why?

First, Compliance is in conflict with Liquidity — In the efforts of governments and the SEC to control Cryptocurrency, protect investors, protect the financial system and the traditional securities market, they also set up legal barriers to stifle the liquidity of Crypto Market in general and the Security token in particular.

Secondly, the problem of trash coins, due to speculation, manipulation also caused serious damage to the majority of investors, seriously reduced confidence, destroying the market liquidity. This has been analyzed in the “Why?” section above.

Third, the nodes of the pool of liquidity is the Crypto Exchange, the OTC market is currently operating almost independently, locally, so the overall market liquidity is fragmented, weak.

Fourthly, capital from the financial and securities markets is still standing outside, its cash flow has not really poured into Crypto Market.

“The unique ability of Homo Sapiens to make this species evolve over all species, is … flexible cooperation,” — sourced from Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.

Learning and applying the unique ability of your their species, the Homo Sapiens. By the following possibilities we will look at the latest developments in the market and look at potential solutions.

Financial institutions and stock exchanges of the world’s oldest, largest stock market are looking at Crypto Market.

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, participated in the conversation and put forward his views on Twitter:

“Why do not we just focus on the real business values that can launch on Blockchain and how much of the pre-coding liquidity we’ll need for this to happen and grow?”

Referring to an analysis given by JPMorgan, Twitterati Gabe Taps said, market capitalization, doesn’t necessarily reflect the cash flow. In fact, it is 50 times the net cash flow, which means that a $ 200 trillion market can be reached with $4 trillion.

Exchange — the focal point of the focal point of liquidity will determine the next move of the entire market as there is a new exchange link creating a pool of liquidity, connecting tunnels between the pools, thereby boosting the total pool of liquidity of the entire market.
Can traditional stock exchanges create direct links to cryptocurrency trading platforms? Here is an example of one of the world’s leading traditional stock exchanges for the crypto market.
Nasdaq is tapping additional data sets for its market analysis tool, a Nasdaq stockpile shared with Cointelegraph on Sept. 11.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, head of Nasdaq’s Alternative Data Division, Bill Dague, said, “Given the level of interest in this area, we are exploring data sets that are related to crypto. The fact that we have launched a product related to cryptography still have to see.

Encrypted data sets are likely to be integrated into Nasdaq’s Analytics Data Center, launched in 2017, aimed at making unstructured data easier to understand for the benefit of early adopters.

The Analytics Center now analyzes a range of organized data sets, including “eVestment ESG,” which addresses Environmental, Social and Management (ESG) data — a global investment risk management tool. News Exposure “and” iSentium Social Media Sentiment “.

In July, Cointelegraph reported on a closed-door meeting that was held by the Nasdaq to discuss steps to legalize the cipher industry globally. Attendees are expected to be representatives from the Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Winklevoss twins, along with other representatives from both the traditional financial sector and the cryptographic industry.

Nasdaq Adena Friedman, Nasdaq, said the platform would consider future cryptography support if the market was more mature and managed more transparently. — Quote from Cointelegraph.

Right time right person, the signs of the chain reaction, the great amphibious has begun.

World Bank fires its first shot

The World Bank held a quick auction for the first Australian $ 110 million bonds worth $ 80 million for seven investment partners. This auction matched the buy order very quickly, especially the bonds were issued and managed on the blockchain system of the world as evidence of their willingness in the process of applying blockchain. It is a $ 80 billion bond issue over a year to fund bank projects around the world.

Austrian Government fires the second shot

The Austrian government has issued $ 1.3 billion in government bonds on Ethereum’s blockchain.

The OeBFA has appointed Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB), one of Austria’s largest banks, on behalf of the auctions on October 2, OeKB’s responsibilities include deploying notary services to validate government bond auction transaction data and then store data on the blockchain, according to local news agency Kleine Zeitung on Sept. 25. .

“Blockchain technology offers great potential to increase efficiency and ensure the quality of banking processes. We have tested blockchain for some sample cases for a while. The decision to start using this technology on behalf of OeBFA is a logical next step, “ — Said Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger, OeKB board member, in a statement.

This is the first time the Austrian government has imposed blockchain on domestic financial transactions. According to OeBFA, the country sees emerging technology as the “center of economic policy.”

World Bank and the Austrian government have triggered the chain reaction.

World Bank and the Austrian government have triggered the chain reaction
At the same time, Twogap is poised to launch a technology platform to actively design the liquidity, facilitate the relocation and landing of traditional securities products including left bonds, stocks, commodity contract entered the crypto market.

Twogap is ready to fire continuity

If the World Bank blockchain-based bond issuance and management, then Twogap is prepared to take further steps. Twogap not only blockchainized the issuance and management of bonds, such as the World Bank and the Austrian government, but also encrypts bonds called cryptobonds for the purpose of monetizing bonds. Cryptobonds will be used as a stable, steady-state cryptocurrency, and will be traded for commodities and other cryptocurrency. In its life cycle it is used as a constant currency of cryptocurrency, which is in part similar to USDT, so it is possible to make deals similar to USDT. The fact is that this is a kind of money can replace the USDT, TrueUSD, Stronghold, DAI..etc.

Cryptobonds is also a type of investment product, a commodity and a kind of term deposit, which needs to be bought, sold and traded with it. If demand is low, we call low liquidity. If the demand for buying, selling and exchanging is high then we call it high liquidity.

High or low liquidity is largely governed by the accessibility of the buyer or seller to the product that is easy or difficult, common in the market or uncommon, easy to handle. or not?

Twogap has prepared strategic technology that influences the whole of the crypto market, creating proactive liquidity, creating unmatched levels of presence for cryptobonds and products. Traditional securities are tokenized throughout the major focal systems of the market are the crypto trading platform and traditional stock exchanges. Creates a direct connection between Traditional Securities Exchanges and Crypto Exchange for transaction processing, Crypto-Crypto, Crypto-fiat transactions and inter-bank payments. It also offers the concept of Intelligent Compliance to both ensure Compliance and expand liquidity in the most flexible way.

Buffer Solutions — Temporary Connection Solutions.

Step one: Pre-Tokens Prior to Bonds, Stock is available on the Traditional Securities Exchanges. These products meet all SEC regulations.
Step two: Create a convenient way for the Crypto trader, easy access, easy trading on the Traditional Securities Exchange. Buy, sell, pledge, exchange CryptoBonds, CryptoStocks with Cryptocurrency.
Even Twogap provides tools to the SEC to help them perform their roles well. By capturing a number of TGT token conventions they will be able to unlock monitor function — passively active transactions and transaction in real time or transaction history between the Exchange.

If the World Bank and the Austrian government blockchain the bonds and sell them successfully, they still need the foundation and technology of Twogap to carry on the next important steps, namely the continued cryptanalization of the fruit. Bonds and currency swaps and use of Twogap’s Cross-Liquidity technology to reach the super-liquid pool that the alliance of crypto and traditional trading platforms will establish based on Twogap’s Cross-liquidity Protocol.

This is a general and complete solution for the three stages of Crypto → Intelligent Compliance → Super Liquidity for $ 80 billion in annual bonds of the World Bank in particular and of businesses and the next government in general, they Both are potential customers of Twogap and help drive the phenomenal growth of Crypto Market.

The market has formed a dynamic momentum, and the Cross-Liquidity technologies of Twogap reinforce the existing dynamics and open the way, the basic way to form alliances of Crypto Exchange with Traditional Securities Exchanges.


For more information, please visit our sites at

And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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How to save the Crypto Market?

Quote from Twogap White Paper — Term 3.

If we can keep the old investors with their money in the market, while simultaneously attracting more investors into the game, w#e can then see the growth of the total cash flow in the market.
How to do it?
If their investment capital is secured, they will stay.
How to secure their investment capital?
There should be a stop-loss product or tool, efficient and powerful enough to secure their wallets anytime the market shrinks.
Furthermore, this stop-loss product or tool needs a high liquidity to match the big investment sums in the market.
Does this stop-loss product or tool exist in the market?
Seemingly yes.
What is it?
They are USDT and True USD and Stronghold USD.
Will these products help investors stop loss?
The answer is still seemingly yes. If the market strongly declines, cryptocurrency investors will immediately turn to these stable currencies. They will cease transactions and keep these stable currencies, but they won’t generate any profit. If they want billions of dollars, they will not have the adequate supply of dollars to ensure the stability of their crypto coins.
Is there any stable cryptocurrencies that when investors keep them, they can still turn profitable and have a limitless supply?
The answer is yes.
What is its name?
We call it CryptoBonds.
Now, let’s compare USDT, True USD, Stronghold USD vs CryptoBonds

Now can you see that Cryptobonds is efficient and scalable enough for big investors to participate in the global crypto market?
CryptoBonds is the key to the answer for how to escape the medium scale trap created by the crypto market during the past nine years to become a mature market with trillion dollar scale in the next few. History will help us put this solution into perspective.
Let’s find out the way Bond has rescued and lifted the security market 300 years ago. Rewind on the history of the stock market. The stock market- humankind’s great discovery of the 17th century- laid the foundation to the development of economical growth on a global scale until today.
Turning back the time to the first days of the 17th century when trade ships of the legendary East India company crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, connecting the continents and beginning trade, bartering intercontinentally. Then within those ships, there are some that came back victoriously and profitably, while some remained at the bottom of the ocean. Ship owners invented a way to distribute risks, as well as distribute profits to multiple people. They divide the cruises into multiple small-value parts and sell the ownership to individuals or organizations called investors and the proof-of-ownership slips of the divided cruises are what we call shares. The selling and buying of shares take place in all the cafes scattering around London. As share prices increased, the market became more livid because this buying and selling generated profit for investors. The buying and selling of shares thrived so much that it became Europe’s first economic bubble in the seventeenth century just decades after the stock market began to form. Its peak was the Tulip bubble crisis whereby the Tulip bulb was traded between people, speculatively investing in search for super profitability. The bubble bursted after eight months of prosperity. It was the first financial crisis the global stock market faced. It evaporated two-thirds of the asset values that were converted into shares in Europe in the seventeenth century.

At that moment, appeared a new stock product called Bonds. These are pieces of papers validating respectively the companies’ and governments’ debts. Bond owners will be returned both capital and interest after the indicated period of time on the bond. It’s obvious that this new stock product called bond is humankind’s next invention.
Together with bonds bore the organizations with credit rating system. Created were the new stock product line with less risks than shares and high stability. The appearance of bonds has helped individual and organizational investors have more stable investment channels with a growing scale satisfying their every needs. Firms and governments have another abundant source of crowd fund to sponsor their trades as well as sponsor the governance of countries, pumping economic growth. Governments even use bond capital to fund colonial wars and fund World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.
Since the appearance and participation of bonds in the stock market, it has created a sustainable investment channel that has helped the whole market, pulling in more investors, new and larger cash flows, pulling in more new issuers, more intermediaries and forming new trading floors thereby increasing the growth rate of the global stock market. If you imagine the role of the two main types of securities products it can be described as follows.
If the appearance of the stock had formed and the initial stock market had been established, the bonds that appeared and took part in the later stage provided a solid fulcrum for investor protection. This is the reason why the growth of the entire global market is accelerating and the influence of the bond has extended the world financial crisis.
By 2018, the total global stock market size = $ 65 trillion + $ 100 trillion bonds. And with a global GDP growth rate of around 3% a year, the total market will double over the next 20 years, with bond trading always about 150% of Stock trading.
Learning and applying from history, how Bond has rescued and supported Security market for over 300 years, now Cryptobonds will rescue and support Crypto market is just history repeating itself, the proof is history and it’s been done. But is Cryptobonds alone enough to sustain the entire market? Let’s look next series.
For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on
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Will cryptocurrency itself have the potential to form a new industry, a new economy, creating truly meaningful value systems through the transactional instrument that is cryptocurrency based on the lateral transaction, the flexible, secure, decentralized, individualized mechanism that we dub the Crypto industry?
Some analytical researchers have pointed out that the blockchain technology will remain but cryptocurrency will disappear.
This is the original belief of all participants in the formation of Crypto Market.
And we would love to announce that this is the right theory to believe in because as we know the definition of blockchain is just simply are: 
- Block: the grouping of several transactions
- Chain: linear- connected encryption blocks
In the future, I think Blocks will be unnecessary. Base on the interview with Will Murphy.
His judgements, as well as other researches, have pointed out that Blockchain might evolve into new formats or in other words, they wouldn't exist for much longer.
Cryptocurrency is the vehicle to operate Incentive Mechanism, it is familiar to humankind's survival instincts as well as all organic organisms on Earth.
Although the market has adjusted more than 80%, there are still a lot of people who put their trust in the long-term prospects of the industry as well as its underlying technology.
So with this point, we may get the knowledge that, blockchain maybe disappear but the cryptocurrency may not.
Cody Littlewood and CEO of Codelitt said that: 
'In the next 2 years, I believe that cryptocurrency will gain legitimacy as a protocol for business transactions, micropayments and pass Western Union as a priority money transfer tool.
The revolution has occurred, investors, organizations began to buy cryptocurrency. Banks and governments recognize that this invention is capable of withdrawing their control. Electronic money changes the world, step by step, step by step.
You can stand by and observe - or you can become part of history in creating. Believe or not you will have a chance to search by yourself. Like the last post, I demand.
Although this is the red market. All around is "bear" but the number of people who care about the existed or dead of bitcoin is the hot keywords and the huge search on the market. People still looking for some news and meaning that they still want to have a new way to invest or believe in the crypto world is alive.
So for sure, once again I will say that cryptocurrency is not dead.
I hope that all of you guys have strong and smart ways to look for the crypto world.
For, after all, I wish all of the brothers just keep the faith and looking for new hope. Don't worry and let's find out wide more, maybe look for the token sale season is now happening of Twogap.
The distribution uses a ground-breaking token participation model by creating what is intended to be the fairest token distribution to date. This elongated timeframe eliminates the quick frenzy usually surrounding short token sales, and allows the ample community time to learn about the Twogap Platform software being developed by Twogap as well as participate in the token distribution if they wish.
The Twogap Token distribution also approximates a general buy market where for every period, everyone gets the same price. At the end of a period, the respective set number of TGT Tokens for that period will be distributed pro-rata amongst all authorized purchasers, based on the total cryptocurrencies contributed during that period.
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Still, have the care despite the loss of the bitcoin market.

The carefulness of the people still stands there although the market is now on the red sea.
One of the things we know that although the rates of the bitcoin and the situation is now on the "bear market" is the rising of the career in the major.
I don't think every news is a bad news because after the rain is a rainbow.
So that with this new trend, it's showed that the effect of the bitcoin market is now opened more a door into the career.
Glassdoor stated:
In August 2018, we saw 1,775 blockchain-related jobs in the United States. As compared to this time last year, only 446 similar jobs, up 300% over the previous year.
As the Glassdoor stated we may have a better way to think is if we invest in the human resource and the career, not care about the situation so we may have a better chance to have a new area.
But this doesn't mean that the bitcoin situation will be dead because on this time the blockchain network can scale in just a few clicks, and from a little news that some shark is hidden under the water to invest into the bitcoin again and got some newborn company is release the platform and the new way to rebuild the crypto world again.
And some of them is building a place where is not dependent on the shark.
Twogap is one of this company is now setting up this new way, safe and legal.
Is there a huge traffic to search and find the keywords about bitcoin, a new way of bitcoin and some tittle they care about bitcoin like "bitcoin will rise again".
This showed that the people still get on with bitcoin and they are not surely forgotten or banned bitcoin out of this world.
For example:
On September 20, representatives of major Russian banks announced their willingness to work with electronic money.
Tom Lee expects Bitcoin to hit $ 15,000
Or Jeff Sprecher, president of the New York Stock Exchange, believes Bitcoin will survive this 'bear season'…….

And so on, there are so many positive ways for all of us to believe and know that the situation may be on the red line but the care of the people are still there.
Joseph Muscat, - said the Prime Minister of Malta in a speech at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly:
Blockchain makes electronic money - the indispensable future of the currency - becoming more transparent, as it helps to screen good business out of bad business, but the technology of scattered scrapbooks can do much. more than that.
For after all, I wish all of the brothers just keep the faith and looking for a new hope. Don't worry and let's find out wide more, maybe look for the token sale season is now happening of Twogap.
The distribution uses a ground-breaking token participation model by creating what is intended to be the fairest token distribution to date. This elongated timeframe eliminates the quick frenzy usually surrounding short token sales, and allows the community ample time to learn about the Twogap Platform software being developed by Twogap as well as participate in the token distribution if they wish.
The Twogap Token distribution also approximates an general buy market where for every period, everyone gets the same price. At the end of a period, the respective set number of TGT Tokens for that period will be distributed pro-rata amongst all authorized purchasers, based on the total cryptocurrencies contributed during that period.
Steps to buy TGT Token
Step 1: Register KYC / AML
Step 2: Deposit ETH or other crypto types on the Dashboard, during the daily sales period.
Step 3: Receive a TGT Token to your account after determining the end of the day.
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At first, I would like to repeat again the deeply thankful for your attention and joining in our season and also apologize for the problem in yesterday.

It was the mistake that we don’t want to happen, and we are deeply want to sorry all you.
For the next day, we are ceremoniously to announce the report to all you about our numbers of token sale till now.

In the results, we have been statistical that the rates of people who have joined deposited in token sale season are more and more increasing.

Last time we had: 1,200 deposited.
The Total Amount sold: $36,300 approximately.
Prices of the previous day (December 04, 2018 ) are 1 TGT = $0.000726.
And ended the 4th sale times at 10:00 UTC.
The total number of tokens sold the next day is based on how many KYCs are: 2,000 KYC passed.

Today (December 05, 2018), we sale 50,000 TGT.

Steps to buy TGT Token
Step 1: Register KYC / AML.
Step 2: Deposit ETH or other crypto types on the Dashboard, during the daily sales period.
Step 3: Receive a TGT Token to your account after determining the end of the day.

With this number of total token sale, we are so pleasured to report for you to get know about the process of the project is nearly perfect, but to develop in the new future we would love to have more numbers with big deposited because we want to bring to all of the crypto community the new way in this situation.

We are hope, trust, and believe that our vision and mission is a safe way for all the community to follow through the life of digital money world.

In order to make all of you have a better life and the economics of bitcoin will keep the maintain.

And for the people who still keep in touch with us having a strong fulcrum, for the investor we sure to be your friend, your partner to keep moving forward and make you have a better trust.

For the trader, we would love to be one of the truly friend, brothers to walk with you.
Twogap would be very pleased to get well on all of you, and we hope all of you will keep in touch with us till the end of the season.

After all, we are so emotion because of you're enthusiastic, tolerant of our mistake and you trust in Twogap.

We would be very appreciated to having you in this project. Let’s keep in touch and moving on with us. And please if someone is not using or still on considering, just contact us, because we will open it to welcome you by our hopefull.

Once again, deeply thank you and wish you have a good day.

For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on

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