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My ideal mobile phone
It doesn't happen often, but once in a while, I'll get into a discussion with someone else about things about our phones that suck, and what we'd look for in our next one. On a whim (and noticing I haven't written much lately), I figured I'd just list all t...

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Anyone want to help name a little hedgehog?

(See also for a picture.)
Internet, I need your help.

To cut a long story short, I now have a very young hoglet (turns out that's what you call baby hedgehogs, I guess it makes sense). I found him stumbling around in the middle of the day, hungry and dehydrated, and blind because his eyes were all gunked up. Totally helpless.

He (I know he's a he... he's ummm... well endowed) is far too young to fend for himself, so I can only assume he either got lost, or mum met a tragic end. I took him home and bathed him with warm water and a light detergent (he was covered in fleas, poor little guy!), dried him off (which he really seemed to enjoy), and got some food and water (which he REALLY seemed to enjoy!) into him, and now he's swaddled up in a warm fluffy hand towel sitting on my lap, purring like a cat (I had no idea they did this, it's so cute!) as I write this.

By the time I nurse him back to health, I will have ruined any instincts he may have, so I am committed to this little guy for the long haul. Something I was prepared for as I have had a wild hedgehog as a pet before (R.I.P Mrs. Hoggington).

So, here's the thing I need help with... Does anyone have any suggestions for naming a cute little hoglet that aren't super obvious and cliche, like Sonic, or Spike, etc.?

Please guys, give me your suggestions!

+1 this, share it, do what you can to get it out there amongst your social groups and Karmin and I will pick what we think are the best suggestions to vote on in a different post.

I will supply pictures of this cute little guy when I run the voting thread, as at the moment he has had a very big day, for a hedgehog, and he needs his rest.

Thank you!

PS: There's no hedgehog emoji, so I guess... Ummm... Hmmm.


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I'm recording video games again.
Everyone and their mother is doing it, so I might as well rejoin the YouTube gaming community. I'm preparing to do a for-fun race through Super Mario Bros. 3 against a friend, and I figured it might be neat to record the practice runs, as a test for recordi...

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When did Freenode make SASL a requirement?

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The Google Photos app is going crazy on my phone. I've tried the basics (rebooting the phone and clearing the app data), but the issue persists. Temperatures are constantly around 45 C, which can't be good for the battery. I'm going a bit crazy wondering what's going on and what else to try.

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Nintendo Switch thoughts!
Man, the reveal of the NX - hereafter, the Nintendo Switch - was incredible. My mind is already racing with all the fun possibilities and I really hope that we get some more details soon! But I have several thoughts I'd like to go ahead and write out. First...

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Short Thoughts on Fire Emblem: Awakening vs. Fates and emotional manipulation
I listened to some music from the soundtracks of Fire Emblem: Awakening  and Fire Emblem: Fates  a little while ago, and it occurred to me that while I look back (not that far, admittedly) on Awakening  very fondly, I tend to feel a bit ... bitter  when I t...

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A tough question, or a brief story on how I started writing BNAA
All right, folks. Tough question time. If you weren't aware, I have a bit of an interest in writing fiction. I don't write much (fiction or non-fiction) these days, but from time to time I come up with some ideas for a story that I /really/ want to put into...

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On the merging of phone and gaming device
I'm a gadget addict. I like having multiple pieces of technology on me, at nearly all times. For the past eight years, I've carried around three staple devices on most days: a phone, a music player, and a gaming handheld. (Naturally, I wear a lot of cargo p...

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A Breath of the Wild, Fresh Air
Open-world games and I kind of have a rocky relationship. I ignore them, and they ignore me. I have avoided, among other franchises, Fable and The Elder Scrolls (I tried Skyrim once, on an Xbox 360, and I simply failed to stay interested), largely because t...
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