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He who is deserted by friends and relatives will often find help and sympathy from strangers.
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it means i know enough :D Thanks ALLAH at least there is something i am known to
wow that is so true but strangers can often be a bunch of dogs:P
Life is wht we thnk abut it.............. Depends on our thoughts
yes its true dear
are u agree Khadija
can u guys speek english i cant understnd urdu vry vel
hehe sure , i only ask question at ur style saying ahaan ;p tells me there's some thing fishy in that :)
True love will come to know,only! When we loose it.
thats true because im waiting for my love to come to me xxxxx <3
or you know it enough that u don't want it any more!! u don't want it to happen again!
Above quote; He who is..... extracted from Nehjul Balagah by Hazrat Ali a.s.
thanks for advise now I will no feel alone
adeel quraishie wat do u meen fishy????:(
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