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Magical Fire Photography

Ready for some stunning fire photography? After looking at these fiery shots, you may be surprised to learn that Tom Lacoste isn't a professional photographer. In fact, the 23-year-old has no aspirations to become one and is instead currently attending the Bordeaux Circus School in Southern France, where he trains in juggling, acrobatics and hand-balancing.
"Fire is my main subject, and it was my first love in photography because, at the beginning, what you see on the screen is nothing you could imagine at the moment when you’re taking the picture," says Lacoste. "Besides, I’m color-blind, and the natural colors of fire are easier to see for me than other hues of the spectrum.".

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Don't play with fire, unless you think you are expert on it. But the pics are nice.
ow ow ow OW OW!! OWW!!! OWWWW fucking ouch ......WHY DID I TRY THIS
+Malaika Ali u & +Tom Lacoste both are G8 ........
job done by both are awesome ............
thank for sharing .......
Malaika - Where do you find these intriguing pictures ?
How do these people come up with this stuff. Really amazing.
Очень замечательные фотографии-особенно с живым огнем-просто класс!!!
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