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As I posted in few weeks ago, We are having an international Vim conference VimConf 2018 on 2018-11-24 in Tokyo, Japan

As you might already know, Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim, gives keynote speech this year!
We are going to start selling tickets on 2018-09-17 1:00 PM JST.
Those interested in participating VimConf 2018, please check the official website below.

Note that the number of tickets is limited, and it's likely sold out very quickly.

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Announcing an international Vim conference VimConf 2018 and its CFP being open.

VimConf is the only and the first international Vim conference that has been running periodically by a Vim community. It had been running for 5 times, and in Tokyo, Japan, so far. We organize VimConf this year again. It'll be in Tokyo, Japan, on Nov 24, 2018.
I'm going to give a keynote speech there this year. This is a big news you probably don't know, Bram has plan to come to vimconf 2018!!

All the talks will be translated to English/Japanese vice versa. The tickets to participate aren't sold yet but you can already submit a proposal to speech there. Would you like to try talking there to share what you know about Vim inside?
Please check the VimConf website for details.

See you there,

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VimConf 2017 の特別企画です。
vim の開発に大きく貢献している vim-jp の k-takata さん、kaoriya さんと、vim の過去から最新の機能、開発エピソードなどここでしか聞けない話を出来たらなーと思います。

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VimConf 2017 の登壇者が発表されました。vim-go 開発者の Fatih Arslan氏も来ます。

どなたも凄腕の Vimmer ですので、知らなかった何かを聞けると思います。英語の発表は日本語に、日本語の発表は英語に翻訳されます。

チケットは Peatix で購入可能です。

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Hi list.

I'm writing API client for mastodon from few days ago.

Currently, all of APIs which is written in documentation of mastodon have already been implemented. And using context package. Also include command line app.


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Memo: Take a note in CUI
I wrote new app for CUI users. This is easy, fast, pretty, seamless for taking notes. Moving the directory into local Dropbox may be useful.

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Hi, Gopher!

On Sep 9, We will publish a book "みんなのGo言語" in japan which wrote about Go-lang.

"みんなのGo言語" is meaning "Our Go-Lang" in english. Below is list of authors. You may know some.

And me. :)

If you will get this book, try to flip through the book.

Have fun.

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Hi, gophers.

I wrote a tool called "cho", which is similar to peco/percol. Works as inline-selector on console.

And also, I wrote a library called go-tty that was part of cho. This will work well to write console applictions.

Currently, this provide ReadRune and ReadPassword (with "*"). As far as I know, most of libraries that provid password prompt for go doesn't work correctly. For example:

$ ls | pasword-input | cat

But go-tty works good on OSX/Linux/BSD/Windows. Try this if having interesting.

- mattn

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鵜飼さんが監訳されておられる様です。目次がいきなり Websocket って所が golang っぽくていいですね。「Web?」っ言いたくなる章が幾つかありますが気にしない。

出来れば表紙絵は gopher にしてほし(ry

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I created a desktop mascot application running on your windows desktop. This is non-CGO / Full Pure Golang application. :)
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