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HAUL | Modlily
Oh the online shopping world. It kills me every time yet I won't stop can't stop. I came across two sites while browsing and decided to try it out. Online Asian shopping sites always have cheap prices and it makes you think what's the catch(aside from expec...

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Outfit: Trinity Styles x Cardigan
I love cardigans. You can wear a simple outfit and make it look complete by throwing one on! And there are so many styles out there to choose from. So where I am, the weather has been warming up so thick jackets aren't a must anymore. You can get away with ...

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It's been such a long time since I've blogged.  So much has happened since and I'd say that things got so ridiculously busy. Regular blogging isn't going to be a thing for me now. However, I'll find a way to keep it updated from time to time at least, most ...

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The last nail post was a review of some nail wraps/stickers from BornPrettyStore and so will this post!  But instead of nail wraps, these are more focused on the manicure look :) Plus one water decal. First off, I'll start off with a nail water decal. If yo...

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ARIEL'S SISTER {Jerome Russell x Beyond the Zone}
So I got my hair did. It was a black to ash blonde ombre and the blonde got brassy as heck. I originally wanted a red ombre and that was the reason why I bleached my hair in the first place. But I liked the blonde! So I got semi-permanent dye to test out th...

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ADDICTED to Nail Stickers!
I'm late on trying nail stickers. I've always liked the idea of how easy they are but never come across any I liked in stores. BornPrettyStore sent me three to try and I think I'm addicted. Two of these(the blue floral one and oriental painting one) were mo...

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NYX Round Lipstick SWATCHES
Lipstick adds a finishing touch to any look. And depending on the color the entire feel of the look can change! I had an urge to go get some and I've wanted to get the NYX Roundstick lipsticks because I like the brand a lot. It's drugstore priced yet the qu...

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How are y'all doing?? This is the second part of my review from  MapleLens . Previously I reviewed the  Eyes Cream Choccomousse  which I liked a lot. So second up for review: EOS RAIN SHOWER GREY LENS INFO Diameter: 14.5mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.8...

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EYESCREAM Choccomousse Review
I've got two circle lens reviews both from MapleLens ! They are Eyes Cream Choccomousse and EOS Rain Shower Grey . First up, like the title says are the EYESCREAM CHOCCOMOUSSE LENS INFO Diameter : 14.5mm Water Content : 42% Base Curve : 8.7mm Life Span : 3 ...

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My New Hurr(with Palty)
Sorry that this isn't a tutorial :( but this is to share my new hair color and show that you can achieve a nice ombre yourself with palty foam hair dyes! I wanted to ombre my hair because I figured it would be perfect for a lazy person. I mean, no need for ...
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