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Brian Mannix

Tax Idea(l)s  - 
All corporate taxes should be abolished as should every ounce of corporate welfare.  In order to properly maintain an economy where the wealth gets distributed on a rational and humane basis, as a result a Commission will be formed to determine the percentage of the profits that each CEO and shareholder of the corporation will have to invest right back into the very corporation that they hold so dear and have invested their heart, soul, ingenuity and incredibly hard work.  You deserve to keep more, but you do not deserve to have you taxes lowered to nothing and keep it all.  You must give some back and share a reasonable percentages of your profits in a re-investment in the very company that made you those profits in the first place.  At the end of the day, this will yield you more profits than you are currently making and will allow you to share your companies profits with all of those who have contributed to its success from the bottom up.  Simple, just and effective for expanding our businesses both in this country and through the global marketplace.
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Brian Mannix

Random Idea(l)s  - 
Please feel free to post your own Idea(l)s in this community and where you disagree, please explain why and please offer a better way to go.  If you support the ideas, please voice that support and any additional comments or suggestions you may have.  This is not about me or my platform, it is about us, as Americans, united together.
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Brian Mannix

Technological Idea(l)s  - 
It's time we built an infrastructure that truly serves the needs of anyone who wants access to knowledge, information and its resultant power.  It's tie that we build an infrastructure for the 21st Century that serves the world which has changed so much since the dawn of the internet.  

That infrastructure should involve a joint federal and state effort to provide free internet access and a free hardware device or phone to be able to able to connect to that internet with.  

If we could achieve this, all of our kids could be educated more effectively, could have the ability to communicate for free with friends, communities and organizations around the world, could get a much earlier start on their entrepreneurial skills and would certainly be much more effective and efficient contributors to this seemingly omnipresent sector of our economy that is growing by leaps and bounds and by all accounts will increase that growth in the next few years at an exponentially faster rate.

In addition to the free internet access, I will do everything in my power to lead a discussion with the states, to make writing computer code and creating websites and apps, a core curriculum class starting in our Kindergartens and continuing all the way through high school.

We are kidding ourselves if we do not know that not only are computers and their uses, not only one of the most powerful languages of the future, but an absolutely necessary skill for our children to have, if we plan on having them lead us through this ever changing world.  Simple.
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Brian Mannix

2nd Amendment Idea(l)s  - 
The 2nd Amendment:  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

This is the idea that will undoubtedly receive the most resistance, but I think is a debate where all interested human beings should be engaged.  I believe that the 2nd amendment is outdated and either should have its rights dramatically expanded so that every individual, if they so choose to overthrow the existing government should be able to have a nuclear weapon, because essentially, in this day and age, with the incredible strength and power of our awesome United States military, essentially that's what it would take.  That was certainly not the case when the Constitution was written and it is possible that those at the Constitutional Convention could never have imagined the enormous technological and military advances that have made it so that no small group of individuals could overtake our military.  

In addition, when the Constitution was written, there was not the organized and spectacular police force that exists today, and as a result just about everyone during that time period absolutely needed guns to defend themselves in a world that was much different than it is today.  We are the only country on earth that allows its citizens the amazingly open access we currently have today and the result is a much more violent country in which countless innocent men, women and children have been murdered in cold blood with weapons that practically a single individual could have disarmed our entire colonial army.

The violence needs to end and our kids need to grow up in a world that is not an eye for an eye.  I like to see and I want my kids to be able to see.  I much prefer them to use a pen to write about their concerns or get involved in the government to change it from within if they do not like what it is doing.  That is the very reason I am running for President of this great nation.  

I certainly know the National Rifle Association spend millions upon millions of dollars promoting and lobbying for the rights of every individual to own a gun.  In my mind, the only reason to own a gun is to protect yourself from criminals, which is certainly a very sensible reason to own a gun.  However, if the N.R.A. is an honorable organization, which I believe them to be, then I would offer to them, that instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to try to influence politicians and pressure politicians to continue to expand the automation and caliber of guns and assault rifles which they believe every individual has a right to for personal protection and security, then I submit that they should give all of their money to the police force of this great country so that each and every member of the N.R.A. has a police force in their community whose main goal is protection of the innocent and the prevention of crimes.  

I believe my grandfather was a member of the National Rifle Association and he use to use a rather traditional rifle to hunt and eat geese.  A rifle of yesteryear is very different than a semi-automatic machine gun which we now enable our great citizens across this country to have.  I appeal to the peaceful members of the N.R.A., the leadership of the organization who believes in protection, rather than promoting violence and I ask them to consider taking a different approach to achieving the same goal:  protection.  

If that is not your goal, than I ask you to openly say so, and stand firm in your convictions and we can have an open and public debate.  Hopefully, that is the very America that you hope to defend with the very guns that you seek.  I see a way to defend that America without guns, without violence, but by putting your resources into an expanded police force in local community's who engage the very people they serve.  There are certainly "good" cops and "bad" cops just as there are "good" and "bad" members of the N.R.A., those who use their guns properly and those who not.  There are certainly "good" and "bad" politicians, teachers, and moms and dads, but if we all work together, truly work together in an open and honest discussion about what the goal of all of these guns are really for, then quite possibly we can reduce the violence in our country that is not matched in any other industrialized country in the world.  I would hope that that is the N.R.A.'s very purpose for seeking the right to those guns in the first place.  If it is, then let's work together to make it so that we can achieve every one of your goals without violence and through open discussion and compromise.  

If you are not willing to have that debate about how to bring about less violence, more protection and less crime for absolutely every individual in this country, then I guess I'm not really sure what you are fighting for and I hope you do everything in your power to make sure that I never have any influence with regard to the laws of our land.  That, of course, is your right, and you are entitled to exercise it, but I have hope in the power and strength of discussion and open debate and I challenge you to have that with me and with the entire nation.

Too many of our brothers and sisters, and even more horrifyingly our children, are being killed by the very bullets that are supposed to serve to protect them.  

I beg you with all of my soul to come to the table and work with me and those in this country who share my opinion in an attempt to work this out because I believe and I hope that that is what we are both in favor of, we just have a different means of achieving the same goal.  

It seems to me that the "gun" debate is very similar to the "Pro-Choice" and Pro-Life debate.  No one, no one wants a baby to die, even someone who chooses to terminate a pregnancy, but if we all work together on both of these issues, we can protect the very life that many of us are willing to die to defend.  So bring your guns to the table, please don't shoot, because I come in peace and with a pen and am no physical threat.  I don't mind guns, I just mind the end of people's lives prematurely when I believe that we all have a right to live on.  I hope that the NRA truly believes that too, and if they do, then I  certainly want to begin an open and honest discussion so that I can better understand your perspective.  I am completely open to changing my mind and am willing to listen.  I hope you are as well and we can, at the very least, have a proper discussion about the pros and cons of having guns in our midst.  If we can do that on a really honest level about the nature of our positions, I honestly believe that both gun owners and non-gun owners would be a lot happier having aired they opinions and their beliefs.  

I know that I currently disagree with the N.R.A. with the route that you are currently taking with regard to what I believe to be our common goal, the protection of the American Citizenry.  Our country was founded on open debate, deliberation and compromise of all political parties and all of its citizens.  I want to be the President on behalf of all gun owners, despite the fact that I don't currently entirely understand the position.  I am honest about that and I am honest enough to admit that I have been wrong about a great many things before and I may very well be wrong about this.  I am not sure, but, in my mind, listening to someone with an opposing viewpoint and engaging them in a conversation is the best way to understand their perspective and they can understand mind whether we respectfully disagree or not.  I seek understanding.  I seek a conversation and because I seek to represent everyone, including those with whom I disagree, which of course, if we are honest, regardless of what political party you are from, you hopefully, if you are thinking person disagree with some of your parties platform and perspective on a variety of issues.  That's what makes us human and that's what makes us great.  I am not picking a fight with you.  I am smart enough to know that if I do and you have a gun and I don't, I will lose, but my hope is that we can figure tremendously important issue out, like we have so many other important issues where are nation has been so clearly divided through compromise and participation of all interested parties.  That is the American way and I'm fairly sure you will agree.  

So let's work together to fight through our differences, with words and maybe we'll find out that are differences are not really all that great.  I don't know, but I for one, am sure willing to try and I hope that each and every member of the National Rifle Association is willing to as well.  I have faith that they will because I have faith in every American, whether they carry a gun or not, regardless of its size or power.  

Let's explore how we can best achieve our common goal:  the most effective protection of each and every citizen, regardless of the method, including gun ownership.  Let's just work together to stop the loss of life.  If that means that each and every citizen should have a gun in their house to achieve that goal, then I will personally hand the out myself.  Protection and peace is my goal regardless of  the means.  

Let's work together to make that happen.  I look forward to it.
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Brian Mannix

Justice Idea(l)s  - 
Justice should be transparent.  If the courts are working properly, any defendant who so requests it, should have the trial videotaped to insure fairness, transparency and what we want our court system to actually achieve an that is justice.  In addition, the Federal and state prison systems force all of the people who run the prisons to wear cameras at all times as well as allowing all inmates to stream a live video feed to a government controlled and secure database to ensure that our inmates who are serving their just sentence are treated like human beings while they are being justly punished for their crimes.  We should not allow prisoners to be raped, or beaten or have access to weapons or drugs while they are in jail.  That is not justice for human beings, it is cruel and unusual punishment as delineated in the 8th amendment to our Constitution.  Our criminal justice system should not be designed to make people worse off after they come out, some spiritually and physically damaged and able to contribute to society for the rest of their lives.  Justice means a fair punishment for their crimes, a chance to think about what they did and an opportunity to make amends by entering society with a clean slate after paying the debt to the society and to the individuals whom they have harmed.  Individuals who commit crimes and pay their debt in prison should also be allowed to vote when they return, otherwise, I believe they are being unjustly punished if they cannot return to society, contribute and vote for the very leaders who are going to make the very laws that they are going to be asked to follow.  If they have not served enough debt, then give them a longer sentence, but to rid them of their rights after they have paid their debt is not only wrong, it is counterproductive and leads to a continual cycle of crime that I hope no one wants to continue.  It seems simple to me, but I'm sure many will disagree.  Let's discuss it openly and transparently.  I believe that there are many, many smart and very capable individuals in jail who should be allowed and in fact, encouraged to contribute positively to society after their debt is paid.  To have them continue paying their debt for the rest of their lives is a miscarriage of justice in my eyes.  We all make mistakes and the only way we can learn from them is if we are given a second chance once we have been punished and hopefully rehabilitated which I would hope would be all of our goals, rather than establishing a permanent forced labor camp for the profit of many of our outsourced and privatized prisons.  Is that who we are America.  It's not who I am.  Simple.
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Brian Mannix

Immigration Idea(l)s  - 
Welcome immigrants from all countries.  We are all immigrants, with the exception of the Native Americans whose land we stole and whose promises to whom we broke over and over again throughout our history.  Let's just be honest about it.  Tear down the fences, make a national ID card that is not scannable, but showable to an actual human being in our Police Force.  Let's get together and figure out how many people, or how few people we want to let in from each country openly and transparently, set a livable minimum wage for ALL American Citizens and then kick out those who come here illegally and most importantly force corporations to work with the United States Government or revoke their charters, even of the biggest and most profitable corporations we've got.  If they are not willing to play by the rules, then I, for one, don't want them here.  I'd much rather have an immigrant community who loves this country, is educated by this country, offers military service and training by this country than a bunch of rich folk who say one thing, yet do another.  I've never exactly thought that fences made very good friends.  We need friends, not enemies in this increasingly smaller planet.  Just seems like common sense to me.  You may disagree.  That is your right.  Let's discuss this with all of our cards on the table if you do.  Simple.
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Brian Mannix

Privacy Idea(l)s  - 
Allow people to live in a world where every time they go into a store there aren't 30 cameras on them, where every product has an RFID tag embedded in it allowing every company to not only analyze when and where their products are being used or worn and every button which as you to press it to cross the street has a fingerprint analyzer on it.  I'd rather have more freedom and privacy and take the money we spend on the cameras on those analyzing them to solving crimes that are actually committed through the use of an effective police force and peace keepers in the communities.  Just saying.  I like my privacy and when it is lost in the name of safety, I don't feel all that safe.  You may not agree, certainly, but simple nonetheless.
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Brian Mannix

Gay Marriage  - 
This one seems to me to be ridiculously simple.  Gay people should have the same rights as everyone else.  That is what our country was founded upon.  Everyone gets the same rights.  If you don't like it, too bad.  You don't have to be gay because someone else is and just as if someone liked a different type of food than you did, I can't for the life of me figure out why you would try to alter someone else's free will, when essentially it has no impact on your marriage whatsoever.

To be honest, if you believe that gay people are sinners due to your religious beliefs, then you should probably encourage them to get married, because well over 50% of our heterosexual marriages end in divorce, usually with a lot of pain and suffering and of the remaining 50% of those who stay married, many of them are not happily married or are engaging in extramarital affairs which probably harms them and their entire family far more than if they were to have never married in the first place.  Love is love and if a gay man loves another man, I believe that my God would encourage that love, but even if my God did not, frankly its none of my business how other people lead with their hearts and in the privacy of their own bedrooms.  I've never understood how a government of the people, by the people and for the people could tell some of those very people who to love, who to connect with in the privacy of their own homes and through the course of their lives.  I just think its best to focus on our now marriages and making them the most responsible, caring and good hearted families possible.  I will do just about anything to help serve that cause.  As far as "Gay" marriage goes, I say, good luck to those whose hearts feel connected in love. I would say to them what I would say to any other couple entering into a marriage vow:  "It's definitely very hard work, but if you love your spouse, you should do absolutely everything in your power to work on yourself to insure that your marriage is a happy and successful one.  To that end, I hope we can work together, just as I hope we can work together with those people who share different religious beliefs as well as those who are not religious at all.  In my mind, together, is what any God would want us to achieve.  Together in love.  That's my goal and quite frankly, the political arena shouldn't really address that as an issue.  Love should be allowed to be kept private and sacred in the eyes of whoever is doing the loving.  
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Brian Mannix

Voting Idea(l)  - 
Election Day must be changed to weekend day.  It seems preposterous to me to ask people and employers to allow their essential workforce to leave to wait on line for hours at an polling place, when we have the technology and the good sense to encourage early voting by mail and again, I hope the goal that we all share is to have each and every citizen vote.  Registration should be a thing of the past.  Why do we make people do this.  If they have a social security number and we born here, they should be automatically registered to vote once they are 18 with absolutely zero effort on their part.  I want to make it much easier to vote in both the primary elections of each party and in the general elections.  I hope that everyone who believes that we should all share the same voting rights as every other American, and if you believe that we are all truly created equal, then I think you would agree that we should remove as many barriers to the registration and the voting process as possible to insure a much higher percentage of the people voting as possible.

We should also put some really significant taxpayer dollars behind improving and modernizing our voting process in every state.  Federal tax dollars should be given in equal amounts per capita to each state to run things as they see fit with the goal of expanding rather than narrowing voter participation.  

If you are not in favor of increasing every American's ability to vote, especially those whom disagree with your political opinions and beliefs, then you are not only acting against our forefathers founding documents, but you are scared and afraid of a fair fight.  I only believe in fair fights.  If I lose, so be it, but it least everyone has a chance to win this way and the more people we engage in making the United State's government more diverse and participatory, the stronger we will be regardless of the outcome.  That, to me, is the very core of the American ideals and even if all those who gain easier access to voting disagree with all of my positions and beliefs, then so be it.  I shouldn't be elected by the people because they don't support me.  Fair fight.  Simple.
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Brian Mannix

Tax Idea(l)s  - 
Everyone gets taxed 25% on ALL of their income.  We all pay the same percentage.  No write-offs or deductions or encouragements, just fairness.  People who have succeeded in making more money should give the same percentage back to the country that enabled them to do so.  If they won't, no problem.  They just can't use our roads, our public transportation, the internet bandwidth which is owned by the public, the telephone, cell networks or have any access to the publicly owned television infrastructure.  You've made more.  Well done, you should be congratulated on your success, you should spend your money as you see fit and you should give back to the very Government, run of the people, by the people and for the people so that each and every American can benefit from your success.  We are not alone in this world and our family, in my opinion, is not just our flesh and blood, but our neighbors, our friends, our community members and our brothers and sisters of every religious faith, color and sex, regardless of political persuasion.  Those who make much less than you and work two jobs at a fast food restaurant are not sweating any less than you, they just haven't achieved what you have.  They pay the same percentage as you and guess what 25% of 20K is 5K which is much more "valuable" to someone in that tax bracket Just seems fair and simple to me.
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Brian Mannix

Patriotic Idea(l)s  - 
Make Flag and Election Day a national holiday and penalize any business  who forces their employees to work.  We should celebrate our great country a little more.  Simple.
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Brian Mannix

Security Idea(s)  - 
Form County Associations called "A Secure Peace" that seeks to proactively solve the top 3 root causes of crime in their neighborhoods as seen by the community itself.  Not punishments for the crimes that are committed, but rather an analysis of why those crimes and unsafe acts are committed and the Association is tasked with coming up with a mission statement for each underlying problem and a plan of action for eradicating the underlying causes of the problems that become manifested as a result.  Simple.
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Looking to change the world and looking for help doing so.
Innovation, exhilaration and education.  I am a Technology Staff Developer, a social studies teacher, an entrepreneur and a father who wants to change the way we think about our local and global solutions to the challenges that we are faced with in the 21st Century.

As President and CEO of, I am seeking to revolutionize the way Moms, Dads and caregivers across the country do babysitting. 

As a social studies teacher, I have piloted "How Could War Look Different?" an online template for classrooms around the world to collaborate re-enact and re-examine the wars of our past.  I have also championed the Akidemy Awards at Great Neck South Middle School on Long Island, where students create mini-documentaries answering the question "What is the greatest challenge facing the United States today?"

As an educator, I have brought together over 60 middle and high schools and 500 students and teachers on Long Island to participate in a Pay It Forward Conference in order to spread the message of kindness.

In 2010, I was named Tech & Learning's Educator Leader of the Year for my work in the classroom and designing and implementing "The Connected Classroom" where I was able to secure funding to bring 1 to 1 netbooks and 1 to 2 Ipod Touches to my team.

I am a Flat Classroom Certified teacher and have recently set my sights on re-inventing the concept of a textbook, moving toward a flipped model where students can engage in an Interactive Textbook Ecosystem where student learning and assignments are geared toward student learning styles and where content can be created and discussed in real time with other students around the world.
Bragging rights
2010 Tech & Learning Educator Leader of the Year, father of four beautiful children, never mistaken for someone who thinks normally.
Educate, innovate, collaborate
  • Babysitting Barter
    Founder & CEO, 2010 - present
  • Great Neck South Middle School
    Technology Evangelist, 2011 - present
  • WLIR
    Account Executive, 1995 - 2001
    DJ, 1998 - 2001
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