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Hi - I'm using the Mac OS X application on Sierra, but ever since upgrading to that version of OS X, feedly seems to consume Gbytes of memory and then the OS throws a "run out of application memory space". Anyone else seeing this? The app is unusable right now.
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Hi John, we're sorry about this, the app hasn't been updated for a long time so we strongly suggest using the web app instead.
So if it's no longer supported then why is it still listed for sale in the App Store? Are you saying it's now EoL?
I'm sorry John, we didn't have time to remove it from the App Store yet.
Hi Petr,

Thanks for the update. If I may, I’d just like to point out that you need to revisit your priorities in that case. You are selling a product you no longer believe in or support. I can understand that lack of market pull means it’s not worth continuing with - fair enough - but to leave it out there and orphaned is just bad business. I’m a three-times start-up CEO so I know that time is always short, but this is simply an example where you need to make sure the focus is on what’s right for your customers: pull-it or support it. These are only two options if you are true to doing what’s best for your customers and your business.

Kind regards and wishing you all the best,

John, thank you for the feedback. Just to make sure - you really mean we "sell" it? It is for free as far as I know. What product have you found that it is for sale? It was a way to access feedly for those who like apps. Right now, we're on a way of rewriting it from scratch and it still works for some users as a reader only, some feature are limited. This is the first time we hear it is consuming GBs of memory, so we'll test it out and if it causes issues like this we'll pull it down. I'm sorry John.
Hi Petr,

Yes, in the MAC OS X App Store it was a “for sale” application, or it was when I got it a couple of years back, and I think it was $6 or $7. It’s still listed in the store but I can’t tell you the price today because it detects I have it installed and gives an “Open” button instead of the store price.

I have about 120 feeds, but it’s reading through something like Business Intelligence, with a couple of hundred posts and a photo with each, that seems to push things over the edge.

All the best,

It is for free for sure, but maybe you have some other app which just supports feedly and is not directly from us? We have a paid Pro version of the service, but that counts for all apps we have which are for free.
Hi Petr,

Understood - as I said, it’s been a couple of years since I got the Mac OS X app and I thought it was paid-for when I downloaded it, but maybe not.

Wishing you all the best for 2017.

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