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Ideas Whose Time Has Come
Ideas Whose Time Has Come


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Great News!  Seneca College first to partner with Manulife Financial on travel insurance training using neovation's LMS
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We've been incubating since mid December - and now that it is the New Year - we're HERE!

neovation believes that solutions to many business challenges can be simple - elegant - affordable. We identify opportunities in the software & services marketplace where we think there is room for an innovative new solutions - and then we build them. Test them. Sell them. Support them. Update them. Review them. Upgrade them.

What can you expect from neovation in addition to our products? First & foremost is our customer service ethic. We have one. We are your champion. We want your experience with neovation products to be great & we are committed to that at all levels of our company. It's even on our business cards. Its part of our dna.

neovation. Ideas whose time has come.
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